The transformation of Zimmerman

I hope the rents haven’t gone up.

Waonyeshe vile Uhuru amefanya kazi pale Eastern bypass mdau.

Kumbe Jayden is doing something at least.

Wacha za ovyo. Those are private investments

Amefanya kazi buana. The jam will be history once the dualing is complete in the next few months.

Hio ndio inaitwa cropping the photo to achieve maximum propaganda effect.

Weka picha kubwa including the adjacent road environment in Zimmerman. :smiley:

Uhuru anafanya kazi buana (psst: the bypass benefits his mother immensely lakini ni sawa)

But motorists have been complaining, kulilia serikali, about the jam on that road for ages and asking why it cant be dualed like the southern bypass. Na sasa ikitengezwa mnasema it benefits some old lady living 100km away in icaweri and never uses the road - and yes i know the road took away her land.


Ati she lives a 100km away? Don’t be foolish, anakaa hapo tu Brookside, kwani hujui? Gatundu ni shags.

Bado ni pigsty mzae, usijivako

Its always good to see positive changes in areas where 70% of nairobians live, places that had been neglected for ages. Hata huko pipeline ni maendeleo tupu as you can see these photos of before uhuru aingie state house and after amefanya kazi.

Northlands ya familia Yao inaundwa hapo mbio mbio.Iyo barabara itapandisha property valuation.
Parapara ipanuliwe.
Kiambu road to Western bypass (Ndumberi)itapanuliwa pia.

Hiyo barabara wacha tu,jam itapungua at least

Bar hostess na waiter wote huishi Zimmerman. That place is filthy.

Two different places

Sasa unatakaje?

Njaruo umemaliza kutomba mamako?

Yap. 2 streets in pipeline but the transformation of the estate is clear. Ohuru amefanya kazi buana.

umbwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, si uende uishi Beverly hills

How do the owners of these buildings pay back for what other taxpayers have done for them. This is private property being fixed by government using taxes.