The transfer talk.

Am hearing that Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus is almost a done deal. The player has agreed personal terms and is refusing to go for preseason with Napoli. Was the player not going to Arsenal some days back ? Wenger, where are you !

Who told you he was going to Arsenal? Hii kiere ere upeleke hukoooo------------------------------------------------->
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Hehehe, a Arsenal fan doesn’t like this.


Tuko na Takuma na hatusumbui


Wenger the accountant hawezi nunua striker anacost 40M and above anataka watu kama huyu


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Takuma, and “Ta” is silent

Saa ya transfer period I really feel sorry for Arsenal fans. Huyu Wenger na hio ugamu amenyima Arsenal some of the greatest players.

Zlatan ameachiliwa na PSG juu amechapa, now suddenly he’s the best player in the world? Saa zingine manchester muachange bangi za mchana. It’s not like other smaller clubs didn’t hear that he’s a free agent…they didn’t want to turn their clubs into retirement homes


Arsenal fans don’t like this reality. That’s why they talk shit when you tell them the truth.

Hivi ndio Manchester squad ingekuwa sasa? Coz honestly apart from CR7, Yaya, Zlatan n Didier Cobra, wenger never had any interest in the rest. Its Man chieth who wanted such a squad…

Reality is when you avoid quoting tabloids in the name of truth…

ngombe ya wenger huoni hio squad ni ya trophies

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Actually messi alikuwa karibu kujoin arsenal mpaka kulikuwa na talks. Pique also wanted to sign and join arsenal but his agent changed his mind. Shida ya arsenal management ni hawakuangi agressive when it comes to signing new players.

:D:D:D:D akiwa 12 au 15? Hizo zinaitangwa muhahe ya tabloid kuuza gazeti, adverts za google na strategies za maagents kutafuta deals poa na current clubs… You should check on how many players Arsenal is linked with every season. Wakija wote kutakuwa na team A, B,C alafu kina Giroud watakuwa team D.


le arse fans always finding excuses since 96