The Tragedy of Humanity : Liberia

Liberia celebrated their independence 3 days ago

Look at this old “Liberian Architecture”

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These are American colonial style houses. Not in America, But in Africa, Liberia. They were owned by Americo-Liberian plantation owners. Plantation owners, Let that sink in. These guys are descendants of Black American Slaves who were freed and opted to come back to Africa and settle. Guess what they did? They come and colonize Native African tribes and institute the same system of oppression and exploitation on the local populations. These Blacks came and turned the native Blacks into slaves. Living in opulence on the backs of poor indentured Natives, forget the fact that most of these returnees were not even originally from Liberia.
It was actually abominable for the two sets of niggas to intermarry, achana na nii maneno watu wanalia ku-intermarry na wahindi hapa.

Then came the back and forth civil wars with Both Natives and Americo-Liberians having bands of rebels to fight for their causes.

The First Native President had to get in by force, despite the fact that Natives, who were over 80 % were not allowed to participate in the American Style “Democracy”

Ever heard of the story of that president who holds the rigging record ?

In The general elections of Liberia 1927, Charles King, an americo-liberian got 243,000 votes against Thomas Faulkner (Another Americo Liberian) with 9,000 votes. Registered voters were 15,000. Natives could not vie or vote at the time.
Charles King

So, When Samuel Doe, the first Native president got in by force after forcing out Tolbert, The first thing was to kill all Government Ministers and officials, who were as you would have it, predominantly Americo-Liberian Settlers. We can all guess the motivation.
This video documents the public shooting of Ministers on a Monrovia Beach. Very disturbing.

Samuel Doe got in by the gun, left by the gun. Everyone knows how he was done.
And the story of Human Tragedy continues.


The Kenyan Corrupt elite ought to follow the same route. Tumechoka na corruption


I followed the Civil War keenly kwa dunia wiki hii nikiwa mdogo, Liberia is the shit hole of Africa


sandi mwami handoni maskara!

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hata mimi kama ningekuwa mmoja wa hao freed slaves from the states, singerudi kuishi kwa vichaka kama hao natives…all in all the whole idea was not well thought of, class/caste system was inevitable

I did to, that war was brutal and inhumane. Those days kulikiwa na war everywhere, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola, Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africans were fighting apartheid, u watch news and all you saw were scenes of war.
I highly suspect, that KBC used this wars to intimadate the Kenyan citizenry, so as not to revolt against the KANU rule.


Can remember his screams in BBC radio ithaa ya Africa mashariki.


My mum was part of the effort to end the war and basically helped in Ellen Johnson’s election. It’s a very sad story,


Death the white and black oppressors

ile nakumbuka nikiona Mara mob dunia wiki hii ni story za Kosovo na za Mzee yasin Arafat

The 80s and early 90s were a dark time


We are not very different from the Liberian situation. Some live off the back of others. Ile kitu imebaki ni kaboom kamoja tu,and everything goes south,fast!


Like the whole world, it used to be sad to hear international news on radio. Timor, chechnya, yugoslavia, Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, kashmir, endless list of conflicts


There were so many wars in Africa back then I was grateful we had peace in Kenya but among all those wars I was very interested in the Liberian one because of the child soldiers

Weh, it reminds me of that myth of a Dog eating of his own puppies.

Liberia is just a sad country. Do you know that she lives in her own house as the countries state house and gets paid by the govt rent to live there?

I joined the village for such masterpieces


We wuz kangz and shiet


mtu mweusi akipata cheo tu kazi ni kunyanyasa wenzake.


Nice. I was to post about this. Watch this documentary too.

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