The tragedy of being an arsenal fan and the arsene wenger's jinx

I was introduced to arsenal football club back in 2001 by a friend called omosh in highschool. Omosh was a die hard arsenal fan, back in those days huko ocha kbc would screen atleast one english premier league match and i would watch arsenal do their magic on the football pitch. Back then the team jersey was dreamcast or was it jvc. Big teams would tremble at the sight of playing dominating football. The players were determined and the manager was on top of his game. I remember legends like nwanko kanu,overmars,viera,lauren and the like of ashley cole robbin van persie etc were mere youths. The confidence and artistry that was displayed by those gunners was on another level and watching arsenal play was a sight to behold. Highbury was like a fort where the enemy would crumble and fall.
Fast foward more than a decade later the team constructed a new home and moved to emirates the manager is still the same and the team is skeleton of the former self. Watching arsenal play today is a roller coaster you dont what to expect. one minute the boys are glorious the other minute they are plain boring. I have been a keen supporter of mr arsene but like they say all good things come to an end arsenal should terminate wengers services if there is to be hope for change. This was our season to clinch the coveted english premier league seeing as our perrenial competitors were imploding and exploding left right and centre but what did our boys they blew the golden opportunity and now leicester is winning it all.
Its difficult being made a laughing stock of your friends with the constant next season explanation. we need to get rid of wenger and embark on the long process of rebuilding the team from ground up. I still have the gunner spirit and hope one day like the phoenix we will rise again.


And the worst is yet to come. #Amjustsaying


Arsene Wenger was enjoying the duopoly he had in the EPL with Ferguson. However, he did not respond adequately when Abramovich and Later King Sulman changed goal posts and splashed cash into the game. Arsene wenger is still a believer in the old game where players are promoted from the youth to the senior team. unfortunately, that strategy doesn’t work anymore even in other leagues. You have to spend to compete. It is only recently that he has given into pressure and purchased some players however much of the team is still average. I don’t see any player in the current Arsenal squad who will be sought by the big guns akina RM, PSG, BFC etc. That says a lot.


the moment wenger leaves, you guys will finish that season at position 8 or worse. just like man utd. there will be a lot of crying and shouting that wenger needs to come back. and you will slowly claw your way back to top 5 teams. just be ready to bitch about the new manager when he comes in

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I wish KPL ndio ingekuwa analysed hivi


:):):)…Ingwe is slowly but surely clawing back to its rightful place.


Ingwe is wasteful in front of goal and their defence is not very good.

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The manager needs to patch up those areas and instill confidence in the team so as to capitalise on the poor start of some rival big guns like Gor and ‘Sofa-meaw’.

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Never happened to Chelsea, Mancity and Real Madrid

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You guys fail to appreciate that other small teams can get good players as well especially in the next season, TV rights money will be a lot. Therefore, brace yourselves for more competition between all teams and the top 5 teams i.e Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs will find the going harder.


Just like Leicester have done.

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Hiyo ya Leicester ni one off. It will be much harder to retain, that is if they actually win it.

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now that is what is killing me arsenal’s tickets are among the most expensive i dont know why he likes sitting on the wallet

win first. Leicester have shown what you need

  1. Balls Cajones not Jabulani variety.
  2. Tactical manager
  3. Grit.
    BvB, Atletico Madrid also kicking/ kicked ass on minimal budget.
    Kane cost how much? Soldado? Rashford? Di Maria? Lingaard? Iwobi mzito?

This is what scares the board shitless, they’d rather have a no. 4 than take a chance and fall to 10 or take the treble

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no transition is ever smooth in football thats the price we will have to pay ultimately

The only player worth a mention in that list is Harry Kane the rest just had a few good games that is all

champions league, premier league,the fa and capital one will stretch them to the limit

better than that Di Maria.
my point is, this spending theory needs to be put to death. that is what has many managers hiding behind it. ati oooh my board/ chairman this, that etc. who did Leicester buy between Nigel P and Claudio R? titles are won on the training ground not cheque books

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The problem is Leicester won’t resist large sums of money from Europe’s elite teams interested in their players. Kwanza Mahrez might go for more than 40 million+. They will face what Southampton has been experiencing in the last two seasons. They might lose four of their top players.

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