The Tragedies that are Kisii, Luhya and Luo Men

And then you find the fathers in law start servicing the sexually starved women. Inafika point mpaka babako anazalisha wife yako.

What’s the problem, did you get married to a man from from the said regions and he took you to live with his mum upcountry? Just tell him it’s unfair to you badala ya kutulilia hapa. Shens.


So, it’s this old men in the village encouraging therr sons and nephews to bring there wives back home:eek::eek::eek:

acheni kusumbua uotp lieutenant…

Uko na Umama sana, na hii weather unatype hiyo Ghasia?

No kidding, saw such a story yesterday from one of the meat wrappers websites. #SHOCKED

Nani ana ile link ya watu hugeuza milango ya rental hse to beds and firewood!!

Masweep kali but also with some truth. The only thing i doubt about is you giving it a tribal line. This cuts across not just the western part of the country

walimkamua na after 3 months akatest negative

My thoughts too.

Uliona nani akikataa free and young and horny puthy…in abundant supply.


God forbid

I can’t do such a thing

Yes it’s a thing with most people

Kambas lead the pack bruh!


[ATTACH]112440[/ATTACH] Siwes relate …

naona hii kuzoeana imeanza kuwa mingi

You seem to have a very easy time while making your family decisions. Hawa wasichana tunaoa nairobi ata kutembelea wazazi kama haupo hawakubali. Wako anayekubali anajua ata kama hauko atapata chochote atakacho

yeah true, I know many kambas who have done this but it cuts across all tribes though

Makes some sense. Some.