The Tone that the Ruto Government has set.

Campaigns are over, and elected leaders adhere to the constitution, this is uncalled for.


Tugege govt by tugege for tugege. Kenya kwisha.

What was the issue here?


Let me leave this here.

Watupee sgr contract wameamua kupasua mbarika

I think they are negotiating behind the scenes to get a cut from it… I was hoping that they would have released the contract by now…

I wonder if Ruto will entertain disloyal civil servants…
these are people who were just loyal to their boss, ama alikuwa anataka wakuwe rebels to Uhuru Kenyatta and sing UDA nonsense.

He will also need civil servants to serve him, or what does he want exactly.

Ruto will spend the next 2 to 3 years looking for enemies in people he does not like and systems that do not serve him. Lets see where this leads us.

Kenyans will be shafted now more than ever.

We already knee dip in shit as it is … na sioni lube.

:D:D:D:D:D:D msito Kibichos boyz

How azimio still got the most of coast still amazes me. Sisi ni bure kabisa

They already got paid. they were negotiators in the first Jubilee govt

How Kenyans voted for Azimio and Kenya Kwanza amazes me. Both were part of the same govt

What do you mean disloyal civil servants? The president has no business seeking loyalty from civil servants. That’s nonsense

oooh, so you think Ruto would entertain any opposition to his policies’ implementation by civil servants in Govt ???