The Tob Cohen Saga

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He was rich, but not powerful.

Besides, she was an amature and got in over her head. She strikes me as a sharp, strong woman. But alikua amature at this. If you pay 4 killers 40k, these are people will not do a professional job and probably looking for money for changaa. Alafu u kill him in your house (probably leaving forensic evidence behind) and bury him kwa nyumba

If want to murder someone, study the juma case. Now that was well executed murder. And you can bet those guys in the juma case were paid more than 40k

let’s and see how Murgor duke it with the ODDP, once they hit the court, it’s a matter of facts , and not side shows, i give Wairimu benefit of doubt.
I remember how fast we were at castigating Kori as a murderer , when his wife passed, and all this was courtesy of The DCI, releasing information without investigating it to the core.

releasing information is saying they are holding the husband as a person of interest?

1…Every time I hear or read the phrase “why is the case being prosecuted by the media”…me hujua jamas ako guilty

No such comments can come from events of dusit

2.The house only became a crime scene after Sarah arrest

Remember she had said that her husband was away in Thailand

After proving that assertion was wrong…Sarah said tob was “fine wherever he is”

  1. The compound was searched after Sarah arrest …that’s when it became a crime scene

  2. How sure are you that they are not investigating " other components"?

Or do u want the “other components” investigations be done via the media?

5…Why would kinoti lead investigations himself?..tob had filed complaints on the conduct of senior officers at gigiri

To me she’s guilty

The fake letters to makarao

The fake letters to her lawyers

The video which she posted online…she refers to her husband in past tense

Tob WAS this
Tob WAS that

It seems to me she knew he was dead

wrapping the body and keeping in water is almost the same as refridgerating it. hizo zingine enda pale kiambu road uingie kwa director umwambie akupee investigating officer wa hii kesi na ruhusa akueleze.

Una madwa ka kuku.

don’t be silly

kuwa mpole

That was the first thing I noted in that interview. She knew he was dead.

It is unfortunate that Murgor, DCI and DPP have taken this route. It jeopardises the chance for a fair trial. If I was the accused I would’nt want to be tried in Kenyan Courts. The judges who will seat in this trial should warn them from this seperate trial in the media.

Its a criminal case. Hakuna choices.
And such cases get media attention anywhere.

People should not discuss the merits of the case. Kinoti is saying that this woman killed. It is not for him to decide. He should have said we have enough evidence to sustain a prosecution and leave it at that. So what is the use of a trial if he has already decided the case?

As for Murgor, he should have just avoided defending his client in the media because now he has made the whole world the jury. He should have raised those issues in Court. Now he does not have the moral authority to complain to a judge over DCI’s conduct. Infact, Murgor should recuse himself from this matter for offending subjudice rules.

The work of police is to say you are killer, your lawyer says no, and the judge decides, of course by the time the police arrest you they are saying you are guilty and they take every effort to prove that - otherwise it would not make sense if the police don’t believe in what they are doing.

Kinoti should believe that the woman killed. He represents the state. He otherwise should let her go.

And the small matter of CCTV…

To whom are they saying it? How are they saying it? What are the rules? Does he want the public to decide the case? Murgor is also guilty of what Kinoti has done. Infact he has politicised it by castigating the ODPP for publicising not just this matter but also other cases. He should be warned or penalised for what he did.

Tulia boss

Do u think Jeffrey Epstein would have gotten a fair trial Kama hangejinyoga?

How about Harvey Weinsten?

Once u kill a rich guy,we tafuta pesa ya lawyer

But that’s how cops talk

They arrest u because they believe that you did commit a crime

Hii ingine Ni ya judge