The Tob Cohen Saga

[SIZE=4]Been following the saga and hearing how those women from " Rware" are evil and will kill you in your sleep. Wairimu is no angel per the public narrative and the accusation of abuse, assault e.t.c makes the number one suspect in the murder. However, there are some “strange” things happening that make me question the narrative from DCI.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]- Why is the case being investigated and prosecuted in the media? Was this a ploy to get the public to support whatever narrative the DCI gives us? By now everyone and their mother has decided that Kikuyu women are killers and Wambui is guilty and poor Murgor is screwed.[/SIZE]

-Why did it take 2 months to search the whole compound? Do they live on a 100-acre farm? What kind of investigators do we have? The house should have been a crime scene. If you see some fresh cement at a scene where murder is being investigated how would you not put 2 and 2 together?

[SIZE=4]-For starters was the body pulled out of the septic or water tank? Pictures leaked around shows an intact body which is strange if the body has been down there for 2 months; should the body not have started decomposing?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]-Why should Kinoti be personally leading the investigation? We are being told that the local police were compromised by Wairimu and that’s why we have DCI which makes sense but to have the head of DCI on the ground almost makes me wonder whose interests he is protecting.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]- All these friends of Cohen talking to the media to convince us that Wairimu planned the killing; why were they not vocal 2 months ago when he disappeared? Are they friends or just acquaintances? People never distinguish these two and if you analyse you will realize that many people are not your friends. Why should his so-called friends know about his investments and riches unless they have an eye on some of them?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]- Why has the DCI honed all its attention to the murder investigation? Why not investigate other components of the case; we are reading Cohen may have some financial handicaps so was there any problems with business associates?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]-Last but not least, did Wairimu get screwed by her accomplices? This is purely speculation. Let us assume that Wambui wanted to get rid of Cohen. She was said to have the police on her side, she may have had some of Cohen’s associates on her side and the plan was to either get rid of him or have him deported and share the spoils but they decided to screw her. By having her jailed they will take over business interests worth millions or billions.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Something simply doesn’t add up!!![/SIZE]

Obado Saga for 2019

Hii ni case closed my fren. She doneit

Habari gani lakini Mr Mugor? Hii case mtashinda kweli?

did the body look fresh (ie had not started decomposing) to you?
have you ever heard of anaerobic decomposition?

In an anaerobic decomposing process, the materials are encased container, sealed from oxygen. The organisms begin breaking down the materials into sugars to make them accessible to other bacteria. This second group then converts these sugars into carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, and organic acids. After this, a third wave made up of methanogens convert these gases into methane and carbon dioxide.

I don’t deny she has something to do with it but I look at the evidence. If this was a case in a civilized a law system, Murgor would win on technicalities.

Very enlightening. Asande Musakhulu

who is wambui?

At what stage of decomposition was Cohen’s body?

Typo…Wambui…Wairimu sounds the same, will correct it, thanks.

There were some pictures on Kenyapost that I can’t currently find but will post a link once I do.

degraded but meat still on the bones. my assumption is the decomposition was slower after the oxygen in the wrapping polythene bag got depleted.

I dont deny technicalities can get someone off, but

  1. Why did she coach witnesses what to say?
  2. It appears the lover knew where to find the body. How?
  3. Motive: he had continously tried to kick her out of the house and cut her off which ment she would moved from Spring Vallry to Githurai 45. Also, she was fooling around with that Karanja dude
  4. Opportunity: she lives with him
  5. why did a grieving widow start bad mouthing Cohen on the internet and saying he probably went abroad. Also called him a shoga who tried to sleep with her daughters male friends.
  6. so how was a body placed there and the manhole cemented on a half acre plot without her noticing it?
  7. why did cohen call that former MP guy on the night of his murder claiming that if something happens to him, ni wife. He probably went home and got wind that something is up.

My fren she did it. But I also partly blame cohen for putting himself in such a situation.

Here is the picture link, in my opinion, that body should be looking worse than this.

You haven’t looked at any evidence. All you did was to collate a bunch of old wives theories doing the rounds and pose a whe lot of suggestive questions.

@ Teddy-Time. I am not denying that she is involved but there is a big picture here we are missing. You just don’t kill someone rich and powerful without help from some upper powers to help deflect the heat.

Much more logical list. Until his death, the Kenyan cops were playing along with Sarah’s game of bullying an old foreigner into submission.

Can I put this sugar in my tea