The Tinder Swindler(KE Edition)

You must have at some point played this game in one way or the other to gain something from a woman. Sana sana poosie to Kenyans. The trick is simple. Faking it. I saw a thread on Twitter and i can confirm. A while back nili consistently post picha ya benz on my Instagram feed i was surprised by the number of DMs from chiqs begging for a road trip and pipe. Tinder pia try posting a few pictures in a suit in some expensive restaurant na utashangaa how many matches you’ll make. So yes. The game is still being played in 2022. Na nyap tuna rarua by whatever means. Yet zero spending.

Congolese men and Nigerian have bn swindling our women for the longest time some are in jail as result of dealing with sucj characters. I know one who swindled 3m plus…

Good for you for being so ingenious and discovering that people will always want to associate with you when they deem you to have your shit together and money to spend on them. Nashindwa with this hype of people getting “suprised” that it actually works when conmen pull these faking stunts to have their way with women yet it’s always what happens with any relationships people have; romantic or not. Mbona msikue “surprised” that moneyed guys seem to have their way with everything from ‘quality’ bitches to subverting the justice system? Bottom line is that bila kakitu huwez pendeka, everyone including your pets will shun you.

This tindler swindler ni pure shit…women are doing this shit daily and nione sees anything wrong with it:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Option 1, dedicate energy into portraying myself in a fake way for pussy chasing, option 2, build my value so tht I get to sift through the variety of pussy throwing themselves at me

Only those white bonobos will go all that way for p*****y…KE has its own style

You don’t even need an expensive car or suit, we piga tu picha with a decent official na utakuwa sawa, likes utapata

Women wanna roll with the big boys…Mimi nikipack my Yamaha R1 superbike tao lazima nitoke na phone number kama tatu hivi without saying a word. Wanakujanga tu ‘Nice bike’ ‘You have a very big machine,can I be your pillion?’ Hapo mimi hutoa simu nawekewa namba chapchap…

Hata helmet ya ndwendwee hakuna.

Kuna thread niliweka hapa last year about superbikes. Search unapata,niliweka machine safi sana Honda cbr1000rr