The time I almost became step-father of two.

So while I was still single I went to my insurance broker to handle some matters. At the reception was this very beautiful lady who excited me through her intellect and I quickly took her number. First I was surprised by how quick that happened, but I gave credit to my pick up lines and ease of making relationships.

So we began chatting thereafter and man, this lady checked all boxes, we were going on very well, I had even secured a pvssy date. She had promised me a time of my life. On the eve of the day while I was confirming that it would go down the following day, she sent me her photos, and she was deliberate to include her two kids, boy and girl. This got me by surprise coz I hadn’t seen it coming. She even cared to give some brief bios about them.

I pretended not to have been shocked by the new development, congratulated it for being a wonderful mom and the work she had done on them. While we were chatting she mentioned that the kids really needed a father’s love, she had noticed.

That morning while checking up on me she added the kids photos with “I wish I had just invited you home so that you come say hi to the kids, they are very social and am sure you guys will bond very fast. Mkijuana they will be asking me to call you and they tell you to bring them chocolate or yoghurt”. I had had enough by now, so I feigned an emergency at my old folks that meant I had to rush out of town to shags. I never resumed the conversation.

She came across as a very good woman, but beginning the game at 2-0 was not it. Did I mention she had sent me chats with their father where she was accusing him of not playing any part in the kids lives (I didn’t want to make judgements coz there are always three sides to a story). I don’t bash single mothers and this is not a post to go at them. What is the appropriate time to introduce kids in such kind of a relationship…assuming it’s a serious one?

Bahati kubwa. Ukionja ni ukoo peke yake inaweza kukutoa hapo.

Do you want us to validate your single mother fetish?

That was the best time to introduce them.
Ndo ujue if you are sticking or not. Personally I won’t stick. Some do.

You dodged a bullet hapo, the fact that she started introducing her bastards that early and telling you about them needing a father figure before your first date was very telling!

Mimi naonja na naingia Arabuko very fast. As a matter of fact, I’ll play ball until I hit.

Unge deenya yeye banae

Sasa tukupigie makofi? Sisi ni Waafrika. Watoto ni wa Jamii.

Does she work for Britam? Ni kama tumesalimiana

@Hydra can you please answer this question coming from one of their concerned step fathers

I can neither confirm not deny.

Even singo mothers need some love!!

Nirushie number inbox. Nimekaa sana bila kuwa stepfather.

Watoto anafaa kusema after umemuuliza hi, what’s your name, just like HIV status.

All single mothers are are too willing, it is like you had taken a trip from earth before you met her!

Picture it this way, since you were young, women are very guarded. It is goes without saying therefore that if you happen to meet a very easy woman then there is a problem and you should stop and think.

Heri huyu. I saw one @Yuletapeli saying he fucked a high school girl I think she was 16 saying ati ni kifaranga. This village has some fucked up people.

Hakuwa 16. She had just completed high school at 25 years

Usikubali. Wawili zi

Na pesa gani na ulifutwa kazi na serikali.

Wait for them to develop wrinkles. Mimi singeweza kuokota taka taka. I’m too proud to go for low-lying fruits…:cool: Na siwezi I’d rather die.