The Three F Rule for a Stress-free 2019

I have noticed oflate that boychild amekuwa akiumizwa na magaidi, especially operatives from the elite Slayqueen and ruthless Kunguru batallions. Story za kuwekelewa mimba, kuchezewa karata, ‘wangapi wamekamua hii’, ‘captain Frisk tuko wangapi hapa’, ‘bibi anakuliwa nje’, ‘wife is running away’ etc has been the order of the day here in this forum and beyond.

Weep no more my brothers. I have just discovered a simple algorithm to hack through all this dissapointing quagmire. It will prove very effective in 2019.

Behold, the 3-F rule:

2. Fuck
3. Forget

The problem with most of u is that u will try to squeeze in ‘Feed’ na ‘Fuga/Funga’ hapo katikati. And thats where your problems will start.

Otherwise, HNY!

The first F ndo ifikie f**k itakusotesha bado.

This is NOT a business/wallet advice. It is for those who would want to avoid meaningless headaches next year

Headaches ni mostly due to financial reasons.

U can always find a way to ‘find’ them cheaply

Uko na point kiasi …

Say no to kenyan men in 2019…


:D:D:Donly you

Hauwes toboa just wait and see

Lola aliacha kumea ndevu?

how overweight women speak :D:D:D

Wachaneni na babes wangu… mkajua vile yeye ni 2GB and she is very beautiful mta drool mkimuona

Ng’ombe tumekurudisha kwa Museveni

You will be sliced just wait and see

Nijipate kwa frisk nikiuliza tuko wangapi :smiley:


No bwana, that is how women who brush their teeth with a toilet brush speak!

Sasa juu kila mtu huskia chenye anataka, … Here’s what I read
Say “No!” Kenyan men in 2019.
As in No to kuchezwa na kunguru na slayqueens
No to marriage
No to sex-trade, we no paying for Shit
No to baby-mama and ex-gf drama, … and the list goes on

Haha say no to dating kenyan men. Hit and run dead beat dads, unfaithful men, no commitment…the list goes on