In this phase, the Hunted (and other peasants) are sick of their mistreatment and begin actively fighting for their right to become human (ie, to be recognised as proper citizens, have equal marital rights, and political participation). They have grown tired of their “betters,” and so they begin protesting by withdrawing their services and military contributions to the elite (or they might start a violent revolution to overthrow the ruling regime). Since peasants are the overwhelming majority, the ruling elite have no choice but to give in to their demands, or be killed for refusing. This is an example where the slaves are seeking to become masters (or at the very least, equal to the masters, thereby abolishing them anyway - at least, in theory). A Democratic Republic is the inevitable outcome at this stage, since everyone wants a say in what happens within the nation they are living. With Democracy (fused with other advances up to this point), civilisation finally begins to recognise proper human rights, based on reason rather than superstition (religion). Laws finally become secular (thus humane). Everyone has equal rights. Cultural and academic centres reach their zenith and flourish.

The first rulers of this new system are benevolent and altruistic, adhering to the new constitutions and laws the revolutionaries made. To do otherwise would be to undermine everything the peasantry fought for, and such a ruler would be immediately overthrown. Soon, however, people of all classes get greedy and use their newly-found freedoms to fight for self-interest as much as possible. They want more (or different) things. Disagreements occur, and factions begin springing up, eventually giving rise to a civil war. During this time, a second set of rulers arise. These are ambitious and great figures, such as Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, or Napoleon. Societies become monarchies; however, these monarchies are based on civil rights rather than authoritarian tyranny. They bring back order to the post civil-war state. In due course, however, a madman (such as Nero or Trump) arises, wreaking havoc and breeding discontentment among the populace.

The system at this point begins to eat itself, torn apart by its own internal contradictions.

Reason also begins to self-destruct because it becomes either too dogmatic, or too skeptical/critical (this is exactly where science is today). Further, the arrival of this skeptical kind of reason onto the scene undermines the societal bonds formed by religion, culture, and tradition (which for Vico, a Catholic, was a huge problem). Legal systems begin to become decadent and self-serving rather than about true justice and order. All of this gives rise to a new kind of barbarism because people lose their faith in everything - God, heroes, and men. They come to rely only upon themselves. A body where every cell is fighting for its own “independence” won’t live long (which is a lesson libertarian and anarchist retards should take to heart).

The defining aspects of this Age are new advances, technologies, questioning of traditions, overthrowing old regimes, and establishing new values. The mentality is reason-based.

Vico was critical of the Enlightenment because he viewed it as the Age of Man (ie, the final step before a descent back to the Age of Gods). He could not view the Enlightenment as entirely positive because it dissolved the very glue which held society together.

Vico’s philosophy, though useful, has a key problem in that he could not see outside of the wheel he had built. It just keeps turning, ad infinitum. As Gnostics, we maintain that we are cursed to keep reincarnating in an eternal cycle until we are aware of what is happening to us. Only then can we break free and escape this material hell. The same principle applies to history itself. As a species, we will be cursed to keep repeating these three Ages until we become collectively aware of them. At that point, we will know what it takes to never fall prey to them again, and escape the cycle forever. As above, so below.


The Western world is in the Age of Man - which is why the West is the best. It has developed itself to the end-point of Vico’s cycle, meaning it has the most humane laws, is secular, is based on reason (up to a point) and equality, has the most advanced technology, living standards, and so forth. Other places in the world are stuck in different phases. The Middle East, for instance, is stuck in the Age of Gods. Before Islam, the Middle East was a thriving, educated, enlightened place (the cradle of civilisation, no less). In other words, it was in the Age of Man. Once it had reached that phase, however (i.e., it became too critical, cynical, and disillusioned), it was ready to fall and return to the Age of the Gods (Islam). This is exactly what happened. Had they been aware of Vico’s cycles (which of course weren’t written back then), they may not have so easily succumbed to the Islamic plague. This is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about these matters. We can actually pinpoint where we are going wrong, and prevent our ship from going off course.

Vico’s criticism of the Enlightenment was entirely valid. Though we have the Enlightenment to thank for where we are today, it was not without its flaws. It certainly overthrew a lot of old bullshit that needed to be done away with, but it never really found a replacement for the system it overthrew. Christianity held Europe in its thrall for a thousand years (the Age of Heroes). As retarded and toxic as it was, it had one saving grace - it instilled a positive liberty culture. Everyone knew their place in society and acted accordingly. The Enlightenment effectively liberated Europe from the shackles of the Demiurge, but could find no replacement to hold the population together under a new (and better) positive liberty culture.

The “truth” (Christianity) was gone, but nothing had come to replace it. Everyone suddenly looked for their own truths, which meant a fragmentation of society. People started to believe their own propaganda. They became “Protestant.” Intellectuals were everywhere, but no one could agree on one thing as being absolutely true (as they had during Christian times). This meant that various factions arose and people went their own way. Western society as we know it was built upon these shaky societal foundations, and is now on the verge of returning to the Age of Gods. Alt-right retards want a racially pure state, to go back to living in small, familial tribes. Many of them are Abrahamists who want to grovel and submit to an alpha (“God”). They are actively fighting to regress. This is why they are so dangerous; their lack of intellectual capacity threatens the very future of our world. Muslims are the opposite side of exactly the same coin. They don’t want to advance - they want to bring the Age of Gods with them wherever they go. It’s utterly shocking that alt-righters and Muslims hate each other so much. Both groups are nauseatingly bigoted, sexist, racist and practically retarded. Their worldviews are built upon exactly the same grounds, and their aims are identical. They both want the Age of Gods.


summarize in one word

In your words how do we halt the descent?