The Third Worldinisation of the West?

For some time now, some historians and philosophers have been predicting that the Age of the West is ended, and that we were entering the Age of China.

I don’t know whether I am reading too much into small issues but consider this: within just ONE WEEK the West has been hit by tragedies, not unlike our collapsing buildings in Nairobi, that can only be attributed to stupidity, mediocrity and outright ineptness.

  • In London, at least 75 people died in a fire in a building with no fire sprinklers, no alarms and repaired with material that burnt faster than oil.

  • Near Japan, a US navy ship which is supposed to somehow ‘see’, using the world’s most sophisticated radars, what is within 500km of it somehow fails to see a container ship bearing on it, a whole container ship. The two ships collide and at least 7 sailors die.

  • In Portugal, yesterday Saturday, police and emergency services officials fail to warn motorists of a mountain fires ahead. At least 60 motorists are roasted in their cars.

All these Congo-eisque disasters in one week, with a combined loss of life of nearly 150. In the supposedly developed West.

Is the West becoming more like Africa or what, where life is cheap and death is around the corner?


Change is inevitable


At one point 1/3 of the Western population was wiped out by a disease and later more than half of Europe was laid to rubble by a war. They still got back on their feet and trudged on. All this while China was still recovering from their numerous stupid wars and famines. China is rising, but it does not mean an end to the West, all it means is that all the development in Africa and India will stall.

I am not a West lickspittle lakini your desperacy and vitriol is stinking this place up.


Hapo kwa meli ninaweza sema not all systems are fool proof. It could have been malfunctioning or it could have been switched off since they were operating in friendly waters


From your tone, you really hate Jungus. I think reality will finally dawn on them that when they are issuing travel advisory against African countries (Kenya), they are more exposed and endangered than we are. When we are not quick to respond to disasters, they should not despise us. When they are dictating the leaders to elect and continue preaching that choices have consequences, they should look back at their own leaders and the policies they are making (immigrants). If only our country is /was managed well and selfless exceeded greed, we could be among the Asian tigers. We could even be helping some western countries like Portugal and other former Soviet countries.


Can you guys make up your minds? One time you are accusing me of licking the West’s butt, the next of ‘desperacy and vitriol’.

I like to think of myself as a simple observer.



I am not a colony of bacteria so hao wengine siwajui, Fossil.

You have always hated the west since K-List with your arguments with Eazy.


@Field you raise great points. I think this idea that the West is where ‘it’s at’ needs to die. We as Africans have put them on a pedestal as if they’re small gods living in heaven and we are pathetic mortals. I have lived with jungus and can tell you there’s nothing special about them. Tujipende! We are Africans! The future belongs to Africa!


outright ineptness?? you do mean ineptitude ?

@Purple I agree. I live with the worst of them, yep the one who came to colonise us. Nawajulia hali tuu sana. The hate Ngai!!!He has not changed a dot!


Guks maybe you should consult statisticians and not historians and philosophers. For example, do you know that in 50 years, Islam will be the biggest religion in the world?


History is cyclic all empires come and go , maybe we are on the slow decline of the western empires though I doubt it , if all you see is bad news your view of the west is clouded by the negative just as they see only negative news about Africa !


150 dead in the west in one week.

How many in Kenya? East Africa? Africa? Let’s compare equal land masses and see how close is “the West becoming more like Africa or what, where life is cheap and death is around the corner?”


Yes, may be am biased, that I grant you. But if you look at what has been happening in the West in recent times, things have changed from what we used to know. From Brexit, Trump, terror attacks, disasters such as the fires, random shootings, falling birth rates (a quarter of Europe’s leaders don’t themselves have children!), the collapse of the economies of such countries as Greece, Italy and Portugal, etc etc etc things are going south for them.


Rudi kwako basi! You go to their land to live there then you complain? Move the f*** back home and create your opportunities here. Ati the hate? Rudi hapa uone what hate from your own country looks like.


Ouch ouuuuuuuuuch woooooowoooooo hooooooo don’t burst a vein on my comment. It is what it is and no sirudi Kenya to stay saa hii. In years to come. Have a happy relaxed Sunday. Don’t rain on the thread though.

The latest terror attacks have left us open-mouthed. Yaani how is this happening? now we live in fear. If I am about to cross the road, I look out for vans…if I see a lot of vvvvvv heavily armed policemen on a given day I panic and my heart beats faster. I am sure we will be hit soon, watch this space. Na kwanza all the latest attackers have been known to M15 and Scotland Yard. Nobody stopped them and questions have been glossed as usual. This costed stupid Theresa May thousands of votes. As for the fire wacha I don’t say anything. The Jury is out there.

Pls I say again, your avator reminds me of my uncles on a rurashio day:D:D:D:D iiii nimokeee nimegutukora kikikikikiki.

Ati hate! The tribal hate in this country is enough worry for me. I am more worried that I am in Kirinyaga and my name starts with an “O”, I don’t fuckin care that some mzungu far away hates me.


You sound familiar. Ndirakuonera 18.

Relax buda. I can assure you Kirinyagans are very welcoming people. Let us preach peace. :slight_smile:

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