The third Gulf war or third world war?

Well, USA just killed an Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. A missile attack on his convoy then they later confirmed his death. We all know USA has been looking for ways to start a war with Iran. From attacking Saudi boats and blaming it on Iran, this might be it. Brace yourself world. A war is coming. I swear if I could I would join the [ATTACH=full]278529[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278530[/ATTACH]Iranians and help kick US ass. Wamekuja sana hao watu. Here is the general.

Trump is desperate of a second term, and without a war deep state ingemtomba vibaya sana

they should retaliate chini ya maji in a way nobody will know they are involved coz USA is looking for a reason to invade them…

Iran should know people!

But in countries like Iran long used to protect it’s interests, isn’t it obvious there must be a succession plan within the chain of command.
I don’t think they are that dumb not to have thought of such a probability.

Ile vita ya Iraq iliisha na siku ngapi. :D:D:D

Actually there was no war. The soldiers abandoned dictator Sadam in his hour of need and melted into the kawaida raiya.

Na kumbe he was the head of the elite Quds force? :eek::eek::eek:

Hii ni kama kuangusha Mwathethe. Apan cheza na U.S of A.

They don’t kill just anyone, they went for the head of the snake.

@marine1 your views please…


Well Iran is not Iraq, if there will be any war it is going to be messy expect Russia to be involved. They said WW1 was the war to end all wars but if there will ever be a WW3 it will be that war to end all wars

Hahahaha. You can’t be that dumb surely!

@Sokwe mtu your views. Kanda ya Muguga @Kennedy Maina any opinion, views, queries, ideas, solutions, answers… :D:D


Third world war will be otherwise known as Humanity Suicide on a Global Scale.
The kind of weapons possessed by these countries is enough to obliterate our mother earth several times over.

If Iran put up a fight for more than a week I would be very impressed. Iranians are not battle hardened warriors like Afghanis or Somalis who had nothing to lose.

Iranians are mainly educated, well fed people with jobs if push comes to shove they will probably kick their leaders out to prevent a full on war.

The U.S has just posed a very difficult question to the Iranian govt. :“My fren is this what you really want?”

And they said he had no balls.


Ametimiza! :D:D:D
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Ati Iran sio battle hardened? Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan has some of the most experienced combatants. When there is no formal government to fight for they join militias. When there is democracy again they get back to fighting for the government. That is if they are still alive. Huko vita ni kawaida and I admire those guys. I didn’t include the Saudis coz the army is composed of p*ssies who just have the best equipment but zero experience.

The orange clown is desperate.
‘‘Don’t let Obama play the Iran card in order to get elected,’’ Trump 2012.


Naskia huyo jamaa alikuwa a potential FP of Iran. As in he was the 2nd most powerful person in Iran, he was Iran’s most influential leader especially as concerns Iran’s security matters and it was highly likely that he would have lead Iran one day soon.


Trump just fucked up an enemy world leader.

If I was Iran, I would try as much as I can to avoid the war. It’s hard but I would try. You see, If it comes to war, pia USA itajua hii si ile time ya Vietnam ama ya Sadaam. They will get their ass kicked.

Hizo propaganda tumeona pale kwa twitter account ya Trump hadi tukashiba. :D:D

The question everyone is asking is how in the world U.S found that fucker. And the precision of that attack.

It’s not like the guy was in hiding. He was moving and operating openly.
The US has in the past found people who were actually hiding and bombed them.
Iran just underestimated Trump’s stupidity, thinking such a top official would not be a target. War is coming.