The Things 'Birrionares' Go Through - More Money, More Problems

Somebody posted a few weeks ago, “How does one deal with more successful peers”, but today we’re talking about the opposite. The things rich guys or rather successful people go through just because they’re rich.

You see, sometimes you almost feel guilty when you’re doing good while most of your peers haven’t been so lucky.

Then the way things are going in this godforsaken country, it has become more and more difficult to make money that can afford you a nice decent home in the suburbs.

Unfortunately, even most of the guys who used to score straight As are struggling financially, while most average grade students are doing far much better. The irony of life, isn’t it?

Anyway, back to the topic; when you’re richer than most of your peers, it becomes very difficult to maintain that friendship.

Most ‘birrionares’ can relate, that’s why you see rich people hanging out with other rich people. It’s not out of ill-will or malice, or because we’re proud ama ‘tukona maringo’.

It is usually because of the following reasons:

  1. Most friends are relatives will want you to connect them to a job. It’s not that easy as it sounds. Si ati tukona uchoyo.

  2. When you go out for drinks, people assume you’re the one who is paying the bill.

  3. You receive a lot of business proposals. People telling you to invest in their business. Funny thing, most have zero capital wanataka utoe kila kitu. Alafu watasema ni ‘sure bet’.

  4. Almost every day, somebody will call or text you asking for a loan or a handout. Most of those people won’t help you if the roles were reversed.

  5. Kuna yule jamaa atakuambia kuje unipate bar flani nikushikia drinks. Lakini ukienda atatiisha drinks zingine twice expensive huko mbele alafu akurushie bill.

  6. Most people won’t pay your loans back. Kwanza wengine wanajifanya wamesahau wanarudi wanakuomba zingine.

  7. Most women will have a hidden agenda. Some want to trap you with pregnancy, others want you to sponsor their lifestyle. Some don’t even mind being a second or third wife.

  8. Most peasants will question your lifestyle and spending habits. Utadhani mtu amekuwa accountant wako venye anakuambia una-tumia pesa mob.

  9. Some of your ‘friends’ will start to think you’re competing when in the back of your mind, you don’t even think about them.

  10. A lot of people will want to overstay when they visit your place.

  11. Most people will try to overcharge you.

  12. Women suddenly raise their standards when they meet you. Dem anakunywa keg kwa dusty pubs na lowlifes anapatana na wewe alafu anataka Henessey.

  13. Common nicknames people will call you before they try to finesse you: Kiongozi, chairman, tajiri, mkubwa. They will try to appeal to your ego and laugh at your dry jokes.

  14. Some peasants will take photos at your place or car and post all over social media.

  15. Some guys will try to borrow your car. Ndio wapige nayo maraundi wakiokota madem nayo.

The list is long, you can add yours. Zingine ata nimesahau.

If you’re not careful, you can go bankrupt if you keep the wrong company and try to appease everybody. Alafu ukisota watakuja wakucheke.

Cheza kama wewe.

Which is why only my wife,mum and siblings have my real phone number,hao wengine wako either na number bonoko ama ingine that will make one go premium just to say hi

True…Is this an original com[position of plagiarism though?

Worst ni mTU anakucall at 2am akitaka umlipie bail kwa karao na kama huna Kwa mpesa at that time inakuwa matusi na ukipatana nao wanakushow “kutoka upate pesa una tumarigo twa peni mbili”

I don’t plagiarize. All those things I’ve experienced.

Oh great…My point is you are good at it,that’s if you are a writer.

Wewe beta male umejipresent kama tajiri so people will treat you accordingly. Most Kenyan birrionaires know to not be so flashy so as to avoid all the nonsense you’ve mentioned

I’ve not said I’m flashy. I try to be discreet as possible, but then I can’t live like a peasant just to remain undercover.

Kila mtu anakuangalia umsaidie

Well articulated. It’s much worse for diasporans…

It seems harder to be a birrionea i n terms of the emotional and mental stress. Esp if you are out to impress people.

mimi kwanza hii story ya kulewa ati na marafiki, nimeona kivumbi.

You can run, but you cannot hide and eat your wealth in peace :D:D:D Unless uendeshee Lexus ndani ya nyumba.

With big money comes great responsibilities :smiley:

In my opinion the main problem birrioneas have is MANY fake friends. Birrioneas cannot truly trust anyone because they cant tell the difference between real and fake people. Akienda bank as a regular customer anapanga line na peasants patiently…akifika kwa counter he can literally see the change in facial expression and treatment given after the teller sees his balance. Birrioneas see first-hand how fake people are, and they do so on a daily basis.


All i know is that from next year am not lending any money to anyone save for nuclear family members only when necessary.
I am not a billionaire though

but why be wealthy?? saidia watu nani na uache uchoyo. mali ikiisha utageuziwo pia

And people say being broke can reveal your real friends. Sometimes I disagree since also being a birrionare can reveal real and fake friends. Hapo kwanza ndio unajua characters za watu vizuri.

But that’s if you’re smart about it and you weren’t born rich.

Vile winco generator ilienda iliniuma saana. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

Please! Kila mtu kenya by now anajua hamna kakitu sio kama kitambo. Tulia