The term "WOKE" dissected

There seems to be an increasing misunderstanding , misapplication and confusion in common useage of the popular term “WOKE” …

Loudmouth US Far Right politicians and some of the Juvenile population in here seem to labour under their miscoception of this term.

The REAL meaning of “WOKE”.
WOKE is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”.

Beginning in the 2010s , it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as :

  • Racial Injustice
  • Sexism
  • Denial of Civil Rights ( expression , choice and association )…

What are other words or terms for WOKE …??
Woke (adjective as in alert to social injustice)

  • Enlightened
  • Multiculturally Sensitive
  • Aware
  • Consciously Evolved
  • Politically Inclusive.

What does it mean to be “WOKE” in British English …???
Someone who is woke is very aware of Social and Political Unfairness.
It is showing an awareness of pertinent issues associated with Society or the Community.
Being socially conscious , socially concerned and culturally sensitive.

Being WOKE has different meanings and significance depending on which side of the Scial , Cultural , Economic or Political divide you sit on.

  • On the LEFT , it’s seen as a VIRTUE (where you are able to see how Power Oppresses).
  • On the RIGHT , it’s criticized as being a dangerous attempt at Cultural Engineering and a denial of existing reality ( even though that reality is unjust or wrong ).

So …
Now , kindly apply the term “WOKE” appropriately … :blush:

Whatever, umbwer @rexxsimba

But you will obey our constitution. We will not allow you to import issues going against our constitution to please your white gods in the name of wokeness. We will not permit you leeway to normalise homosexuality to the extent of advertising it to our young children, with still-maturing impressionable minds just because your white gods are doing it in their countries. But as for our constitution, you will obey it by force by fire.

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Of course, Woke’s original meaning is as you’ve explained it, but trust leftists and some ‘woke’ population in here to overturn the meaning (like they did with words such as Gay - meaning happy and in a good mood, and Vaccines - now meaning poisonous mRNA gene therapy concoctions that are being forced on thegeneral population by…leftists!).

Talking of fucked up things done by leftists who seem to think they are gods, here are some I can remember from memory

  1. Global warming which, when it was apparent the ‘globe’ was not warming was slyly changed to ‘climate change’ of which the climate is always changing. The result is forcing populations to abandon tried and tested energy sources and forcing them in to ‘green energy’ which is having a devastating toll on the environment (mining poisonous substances for ‘green energy technologies’) and impoverishing people. Poisoning the sky with chemtrails that acidify the soil and lowering crop yields in the name of ‘reducing global temperatures’. Perpetrators: leftist Claws Schwab, Bill Gates and associates

  2. False flag, computer generated pandemics, going back 20 years (bird flu, swine flu, Forcing populations in to ‘lockdowns’ halting economic output, impoverishing billions. Forcing people to get injected with poisonous concoctions dubbed ‘vaccines’ for viruses only existing in computer models. Never letting ‘a good crisis go to waste’. Perpetrators: leftist Claws Schwab, Bill Gates et al.

  3. Patenting what is natural thru GMOs that need more and more inputs to produce yields that natural versions produce with little input. Case in point: Suicide deaths in India by adoption of GMO cotton developed by Monsanto - refer to Navdanya International. perpetrators: Bill & Melinda Foundation

  4. Promotion and installation of a dictatorial surveillance beast system where “you’ll own nothing” and be happy. Not sure about the ‘be happy part’ but who will own everything when we all own nothing? Promotion of CBDC’s where every transaction will be monitored and if you mis-behave, your ability to transact is curtailed. Perpetrator: Claws Schwab.

  5. Forceful promotion of LGBT issues in to public discourse and in to school curriculum. The Far right never force their sexuality in to public discourse, only faggot leftists do. Add pedophilia and all manner of deviant and psychopathic sexual behaviour that many left politicians have been exposed to participate in. Perpetrators: nearly all prominent leftist US politicians, starrin Obama, Big Mike, the thing called Biden,…

Feel free to add to the list

Loudmouth US Far right politicians and some of the juveniles in here, me included, just want the left to leave us alone. Go do your insane, retarded shit in you enclaves and leave us be to live and do sane, constructive things, not forcing your demonic policies on everyone. Otherwise expect resistance. And some serious beating and beat down of you insist on this madness. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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the blecks coined it then gehs appropriated the term… thats why the right hates it