The Tell

The 17th of Jan this year passed just like any other for most, but for The Grandson of the Patriarch, the day was monumental and legendary in its passage. On this day, friends and foe alike, I, the very one that holds the Climbing Pebble in my Clan, (Am shivering as I say it), on this day, I marked the passage of a whole continuous year, climbing only one woman. For clarity and to the benefit of “some people are generally slow” @aviator regards, let me rephrase. From Jan 18 2017 to Jan 17 2018, I climbed only my missus.
Now, I know most of you would never consider such an achievement. Good of you. But for me, it is earth breaking and mind boggling. I am thankful to the deities responsible nonetheless.
Zero grazing has its good and bad. On the plus side, I must say that my lady looks jovial each passing day, Her smiles are frequent and contagious and it is no longer just sex. It’s love making on the throes of a canal fellowship.
The flip side has me dragging my left foot to augment some energy in towing the right nut which has grown in size due to over population of dormant boys and girls. Earlier in the calendar year I had to contend with spontaneous hard woods that would be triggered by the sight of a Vitz car, the sound of a carpenters drill, the smell of raw matumbo and the taste of Mama Fadhilas Samaki wa Nazi. I have also added some weight and now my six ft frame has some blubber, making youngsters salute me “shikamoo babake Cess” with respect.
But I cant say that I don’t miss the good old days. Noooo sir. I miss those days I would hump any skirt wearer from here to Timbuktu. I miss wild climbing in cars and dingy guest houses. I miss the days I would Chase and domensticate wild mares. Oh the good old facks. But I must now toe the line and leave the field to younger generation. The missus is 12yrs my junior so at most I will take it for another 15yrs before I opt for a 25yr old college nincompoop to warm my sunset yrs. But, fuaaaack, ain’t just one pussy the best. My people say Warugaga ni Atobokaga meaning All you young and energetic fackers can go jump off a cliff for all I care
End of Tell

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Reading your work is like chewing on toffee (goody goody)…
Excellent word play.


Hapo sawa Chief.

You must be a very lazy fellow. You have been commanded to go forth, sire and fill the earth.

hata mimi from july ntakuwa nakamua bibi peke yake

:D:D:D:D Good read.

kingoshonde niaje , ngombe muikamba wewe

Nice tell.Will try that from Jan 18 2019:)

@mabenda4 niaje mzee? Si utupie kijana number ya Cess hapa tuongee kama wazee badaye? Ulisema amefika first year?

Lemme bookmark it

Good stuff Clawmatsu.

Nice hekaya.
There’s substance in what you write…
and only @mabenda4 can “say” it the way it happened with such conviction!

All married men should stick to one pussy! Cheating on your spouse is wrong.

i agree with you madam harlot

:smiley: baba labda usare njemson

Hio avatar yako ni funny sana, do you look like that in real life. Kikikiki

Weren’t you peddling orifices in the morn, Rahab, hehehe

Lets agree on one thing before I finish reading this hekaya. YOU DO NOT HAVE FEET. You have CLAWS or TALONS:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!

Sasa wacha nimalize hekaya.