The SUV of motorcycles

Dubbed the SUV of motorcycles, the ‘brutus’ is a fat tired all-terrain bike from british light-weight car manufacturer caterham. featuring a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750 cc single engine
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brutus ‘750’ comes with an impressive set of 26 inch wheels, with knobby tires. they are extra-wide and designed to cross sand and snow, and according to the company it can even be converted to a snowmobile. suchlike the name, the whole bike is a heavyweight weighing slightly more than 500 pounds (235 kilograms). with its ability to cross almost any terrain, the SUV offers a flexible, simple ride through a water-cooled 750 cc single-cylinder engine. this creates a comfortable 50 hp, which delivers its power through an automatic gearbox. the brutus ‘750’ blends the spirit of motorcycling, with quadbike capabilities, as a true multi-terrain bike.


ikianguka kwa dunes unaitisha breakdown? hiyo weight ni mfuko nne unusu ya simiti…

Niiiice…mangapi? @confused villager kuja ucheki

Wah. Hii ni bodybulder’s edition. One needs to hit the gym, bench press 100kg, build enough muscle just to push it out of the garage in order to ride.

not to poop on this thread but I have a bit of reservations. First is am not doubting British craftsmanship but for you to work this one here and everywhere on earth…you need it to be produced in Japan. If it does not have either of the following names on it tank I aint taking it far from home: Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki.

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Ile makanika inachranga vikaragosi imefika hapa kutoa uraru na hii mbica

Cc @introvert

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Smart kapsaa.
But they should have pulled all the stops and made it all wheel drive so it is more deserving of the title, “the SUV of motorcycles”.

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What about Ducati?

Will a Ducati Last w/oit breaking your pocket…uhm…If you want a motorcycle to grow old and die with…get a Japanese. Nothing beats them. Thats why they dominate motorcycle sales in the whole world. Kama machine ni Yamaha/Suzuki/Honda trust me ingekua outsold sahii.

The Yamaha I use now was brought to Kenya in 1990 (when I was in class 4) by a Catholic priest.
It has refused to die, and has seen some of my friends change up to 5 bikes, some to upgrade and others just coz they are a pain.

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Eeh manze these things kuzimada ni ngumu. I know a guy with Zile DT za kwanza kapsaa kukuja kenya na iko tu sawa. Kwa barabara smoke tu ndio inatoa kidogo.

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I have a crazy pal who rode his Dad’s Yamaha XT500 (1976) on a tour across two continents.


Looks harder to drive, I prefer Scooter though.