The street love life goes on

The camera man did a nice job. The comment side is on another level. can tap that though.

Bonfire have milked this story kabisa and will mint millions from the couple. Muchiri is not poorer. Sasa tuombe they stick together and that nobody pries them apart after the heady adventure.

So sad they had to be used and later be dumped.

The ex chokora now knows how to use a fork and knife correctly.

Hapa kila kitu ni scripted kama walienjoy hii holiday basi ni maajabu at every turn iko mtu wa kusema fanya hivi fanya vile

…And then back to the streets. Afadhali you give them a grant of a million to get on with life.

That sunset pic is beautiful.

This is bad publicity. Wht happens after

Is it just me, ama huyo manzi - looking at her body language - ndiye anakaa alpha ?

@uwesmake huyu Mungiki ako na Sura ya kibukusu, can he be one of your bastard’s?

cheza chini Kipsang .

huyo karau niitoka mbio haezi nifikia