The Strange Case of Chris Watts

Guys can anyone understand the psychology of this guy? This people who are very straight all their lives then one day do something horrific, is it demonic possession or what? I pride myself in understanding criminal psychology but hii hapa imenishinda. Some crime vloggers and psychologists have tried explaining but it still seems senseless to me, to go out and kill your entire family, when you could just move to Mexico or some European countries and get a new identity and start a new life, if you feel too burdened by your life responsibilities. How does a sane person think they can get away with a pregnant wife and two toddlers disappearing.

sometimes you gotta do what you need to do for that mental peace

Being very straight always is not natural, human being are meant to breakdown regularly with emotions, and if one is not doing so, then , there’s a problem.

Do you think he will have more peace in a jail cell for the rest of his life?

You know one of the tenets of adulthood is delayed gratification and moderation. You don’t have the most extreme solution bcz you are feeling fed up or trapped or whatever. He could have just disappeared. Men disappear from their families all the time. He acted out of emotion not logic. And he also let his mistress control his mind. This guy did not have a plan how he would get away with the murders, he just hid the bodies. How in the hell can you expect to get away with something like this? He wasn’t thinking at all.

Break down regularly with emotions when a man can’t even cry in a funeral. So are all men or majority who remain calm potentially killers? Since what’s expected of men by society in your own estimation is unnatural?

By the way everyone even women are not allowed to show negative emotions. If you are a woman and you show anger like that police lady who was complaining about being frustrated at work. You are labeled insane, bitter, insubordination so our society is emotion averse. Even happiness you should not be too happy. Haven’t you heard of people complaining about Betty kyallo being too light hearted when reading news?

This guy has written 9 books on this case alone and he’s about the closest I’ve gotten to understand the psychology of Chris Watts.

I would say something that with his face he is totally devastated, we really don’t know what have happened with his past anyway so we really can’t judge that all for example. Where do you plan to get it going ? Seems he was under pressure to the marriage.

I have never understood people let anyone push them to the edge. They had filed for bankruptcy twice. But shit happens in life you can’t just lose it until you kill a 3 and 4 year old, your own offspring. Another one called Timothy Jones killed 5 of his kids imagine, juzi a Michael Jones killed 4 small kids and his wife. If you feel overwhelmed take a break to go think, don’t just kill innocent children who are innocent bystanders. I always thought men are not driven by emotions but by logic. Obviously nobody driven by logic can kill a child, let alone 5.

Look at their poor mother, how do you live with losing 5 children at the hands of their dad, a man you loved enough to have 5 kids for. It’s a living hell. She had kids from age 8 to age 1…Now they’re gone what kind of pressure can possibly justify this?