The State of Kenyan Madness

Kenyan Northern counties are facing “drought”. Per William Ruto it has not rained for the last 4 years and we need to provide weekly supplies until things return to normal ; Gachagua would have blamed Uhuru for lack of rain. One of the counties receiving food relief is Mandera where now senator Ali Roba was governor and who had the most fcked priorities. Mandera has spent billions on architecture in including a palatial governors mansion, county assembly and even a large sewage services office yet they don’t have a sewage system. People drink dirty water, hospitals have no medications or even beds and the Mandera government has the audacity to go benchmark in places that would not help Mandera.

Mandera has a desert like environment and these idiots could have learned from Israel how to transform deserts into farmland but for 60 years we can’t still figure that out and its shameful when a Kenyan or their livestock has to die from hunger. The governors residence cost almost 300 million which could have probably sunk 300 boreholes and be used to develop water preservation programs, teach the walia how to grow maize, spinach, tomatoes , bean, keep fish and right now unga would be Kes.50 and we would be eating farm fished tilapia from Mandera. Ali Roba with his misplaced priorities left Mandera as a shithole and stole all the money he could but he will walk free since he controls a small cabal of MP’s who are backing UDA. The Kenyan government should be ashamed when we have to beg for food or money to buy food when we have stolen trillions, have misplaced priorities and protect corrupt practices.

Mandera Governors Residence

Mandera County Government

Mandera Hospital


Kuna Jamaa anawaste maji uko nyuma

This nigger even has homes in Cape Town jamaa ata retire msuri with beach front views as his clan eats sand !

It’s a man eat man society. Ukienda hizi counties of North Eastern, Turkana, Samburu ndio utajua human beings are mad. Structures of opulence and vanity against a backdrop of abject poverty and hopelessness.

Ruto alisema wataomba Mvua inyeshe. Hapana question dini, obey maandiko.

Hata huko kwa ODPP and DCI hands were greased watu waligula during Roba’s tenure. He is untouchable jamaa alitoka from paying rent in South C to mansion in Karen hadi akaongeza bibi anacheza below ile age ya Leonardo Dicaprio anapenda.:D:D:D

In Kenya people run for political office not to serve but enrich themselves, family and close friends.

Same bonobos have elected him to the Senate. So truly who is to blame?

Kuchizi nikicheka on your jokes, unafaa kuwa watchman Mathari mental wewe.

near lavington mall, roundabout, hapo Ali Roba and co bought UDM party offices land and houses at Kes 415m cash.

money stolen from the county government .

Hao maumbwa watuambie mahali walipeleka equalisation fund.


Looted, campaigned for UDA, bought real estate in Nairobi including all the million petrol stations that are being built all over Kenya and lately Diani…they have bought and built some serious hotels

I thought Muslims are just people and Islam is the religion of peace.

Lakini if they elected him senator, it means they are happy with him wachaneni nao.

Thieves or no thieves, no government will ever provide free stuff as some may wish. The government is also a business, and if that investment can’t payback, whoever dies is non of that business’ business.

We seriously need to implement the one- man one- vote one-shilling, otherwise we will carry the burden of these camels forever. They will not lift a finger to rise above their poverty. You wonder why a governor in these areas should be paid the same as governor from Nairobi or Kiambu, yet all they produce is sand.