The Star was fast.

The Star deletes Tweet with IPSOS survey on most corrupt Kenyans.[ATTACH=full]189383[/ATTACH]


Tricky sana…DP should be stopped from ascending to power, and so is the dynasties frontman Gideon. We dont need the two fools. Period.

Corrupt ama Greedy?

Aren’t they related? :confused:

i agree, we don’t need dynasties or this new breen of thugs who are now stealing for their kids.

There are a few things that Ruto can do to escape that tag of corruption king. Lakini muda unayoyoma haraka sana

NTV hapan tambua

This old Wolf is just looking for government jobs and he’s trying to grab Ruto’s attention. Brace yourselves for the opinion polls on the 2022 elections where Ruto will be the front runner.

WSR anaonewa, huyo jamaa ni safi kama pamba. Raila is the most corrupt politician in Kenyan history. He sold his supporters for 30 pieces of silver.