The Star Newspaper. Fake News? 17 Mps and Senators Covid-19 +

Tomorrow newspaper.

Hiyo story ya golf club closure iko specific kwa hiyo niche yao. Inaeza kuwa cha ukwelo

It’s true have confirmed from a source. But hawajui ni kina nani. But parliament was suspended because of it. It was to open tomorrow.

So that kilifi deputy govonor is a hero ?

Great news

NOT fake news as per their twitter account…


A state of emergency on the cards. Not very good news.

President to rule on decrees. No Parliament to pass those measures to cushion Kenyans on any eventuality.

Parliament to forego its legislative power to president.

Seems in line with how Kagwe was speaking about “be prepared mentally for a situation like never before”

People are really happy about it on twitter

We needed some good news


Great move by my commander in chief[ATTACH=full]295884[/ATTACH]


enyewe giving 100m to musicians and actors is really dumb, makes no sense… tena 95% of that cash itakuliwa kabla ifiikie hao… better Ghana saying no tax fo health workers which is a very transparent step forward

That’s the whole point. It’s another lunch for the looters in power

If theres no bread let them eat pizza

Waanze kudrop kama mende. TOJ!

@Mjuaji when will this happen?


I said yesterday, today read what others are saying…

Believe me when I tell you something…

Wako tayari pare Lee Funeral Home