The spammers are back.

Spammers wamerudi na ubaya. I wouldn’t even want to click on their thread lest I automatically dowload a firus.

Admin you need to do something about your forms. It is just too easy to automate and account for delay times on this site.

Nimeziona kwa homepage nikalenga.
But you can’t miss an idiot or two who have commented :smiley:

Admin yuko high. Hizi habari atazipata monday.

The only way to deal with robots is trapping them. lakini admin hatakangi advise anadhaningi yeye ndo gwiji sana.

Mr Genius please explain ili sisi kama wanakijiji pia tufaidike na tujifundishe mambo mapya



Buda, kua mpole…

ziko kwa google I have nothing to prove to you. vile inakuuma inaonekana yenyewe hutakangi kuambiwa.

I just asked a simple question. Ama is it a crime to share knowledge with others

The issue is how you asked as the question… its simply condescending.

Mimi hakuna kitu imeniuma, I just asked you to share knowledge ili sisi pia tujifundishe new things.

Since umecatch nimeamua kutumia Google


sioni kitu ebu link

Trapping “Dumb Submitter Bots” - Stop bots from posting spam to your online forms. - › doc › submitter

Some of you guys you are so much pampered by your parents hadi mnadhani everyone will pamper you everywhere you go. You even demand that from strangers on the internet. If that comment is condescending to you then sorry, nobody gives a fuck about hurt egos on the internet

Mimi nimecoment simu yangu ikazima. Hata sahii nimeomba simu. Ahsante kuniita idiot.

I just clicked on that link and there is one problem


an article written in 2008, the spam methods used back then do you think are still relevant in 2018? Juu in IT things change so fast, you have to keep up with those changes too.

its old but it works when done diligently. unless some human is involved.

Kwa coding kila mtu husoma hakunanga kufika.


This is exactly what I was leading you to. Now that umeijibu mwenyewe, thread closed