The song that gets me pumped up.

Skiza lyrics kwanza mzae
FYI CR7> Lord Pessi

Can you guess how many rounds of plastic surgery in his face he has had?

My choices are many from Kinyona Muran’ga, to Britain, to the States na kwingine but this my girl Ellie takes the trophy along with one other dude.

Thanks. Had almost forgotten it

This song keeps me and my friends going…We miss you so much, you have no idea wherever you are.

the gay is surely manifesting in this one

This is for you @ Liberty.

Keeps us going.


Wacha kucheka wewe… @Liberty will be so happy with my choice of song.

How about this one from our 80’s collection:://

Asante @Mrs Shosho, surely it keeps us going

@Amused acha kuchekelea nyimbo zangu

No, no, no. It’s the contrast between what had been posted earlier and @Mrs Shosho’s cheekiness in sneaking that one in. Mimi ni consumer & ‘appreciator’ of wise-asses.

:smiley: nimekuelewa sasa boss