The Somalis by Gerald Hanley

Mimi huskia visuri sana when I read the below excerpt. This is how Somalis helped in dispelling the myth that whites and Asians were superior from the African race in any way. Precisely why the present day Indians hate Somalis with a passion. We really don’t give a fuck about them. Together with mostly Kikuyus We have virtually taken over every business that was predominantly dominated by Indians.
" Quotes about Somali people during colonial times
“Everytime a Somali got whipped, an Italian soldier was killed.”
“….You get into that way of thinking in the Somali waste. You think
that way because the Somalis bitterly resent the white man, and struggle
continually, and admirably, by lies and intrigue, to fight off his
influence which spells the end of their peculiar world. You cannot beat
them. They have no inferiority complexes, no wide-eyed worship of the
white man’s ways, and no fear of him, of his guns or of his official
anger. They are a race to be admired, if hard to love.”
“There is no one alive as tough as the Somali nomad. No one.
An askari wounded in a fight in the Haud country walked 14 miles holding
his guts in his hand, was sewn up and lived to soldier again. And the
women are as spiritually strong as their men.”
“But of all the races of Africa there cannot be one better to
live among than the most difficult, the proudest, the bravest, the
vainest, the most merciless, the friendliest; the Somalis.”
“A Somali always felt himself to be twice as good as any white man, or
any other kind of man at all, and still does, even when he is wrong.
Islam does wonders for the self respect of non-white people and
Christianity is right to worry about the spread of Islam in Africa, and
must honestly face the question of why it has happened.”

“I knew an Italian priest who had spent over thirty years among the
Somalis and he made two converts, and it amazed me that he got even those two. The Prophet has no more fervent, and ignorant, followers, but that is not their fault that they are ignorant. Their natural intelligence is second to none and when the education factories start work among them they should surprise Africa, and themselves.”
“Wandering in The Shag (desert) were Somalis with some of the sharpest
intelligences in the continent, nomads who had been forced into being
parasites of the camel, for centuries, and could anyone ever find a way
of using all that courage and intelligence?”
“The bravest, most merciless but, when they accept you, the friendliest of African peoples, the Somalis are also among the most intelligent. If they could overcome centuries of mayhem and murder, they could transform a dangerous African dustbin into a prosperous, modern state.”
‘Warriors’ by Gerald Hanley

You somalis have a lot to prove on that “intelligence” bit if kikambala, westgate, garissa, the slum you are building in nairobi, and your native country are anything to go by.

shitty post. Come I give you busicuit

I will first give credit on how hawkish Somalis are. It’s true and it’s consistent with what I have observed.
The thing about Somali is most of their land is barren and hot. Mzungu with his skin that doesn’t have melanin couldn’t survive in hot Somali back in the days of colonial rule. Even today he needs lots of sunscreen to not die in the Somali sun. And even if he took over Somali, what would have been the aim for that?
Kenyan central highlands is where real madafakas were. mzungu was intent on holding on to that cool and fertile land. Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Maasai were not going to give up without a fight. The biggest weakness that Kenya had and still has is that of tribe differences. Mzungu learned he could pass through the cracks like the snake he is.

I may not agree with some of your assertions but I agree with one, their business acumen. Somalis have literally taken over Luthuli avenue Which just a few years ago was dominated by indians.Among all the nomadic tribes that have arrived in the city, it is only the somalis who have managed to curve a niche for themselves as businessmen. Very few of them work as servants for other people. In my opinion they will go further than kikuyus in business because they possess ‘group intelligence’ which kikuyus lack. They operate the same way as Indians.

Doofar they killed our babies in Garissa, you are cowards

Another article to divide Africans further disguised as an exploration of the people. Meffi.

So much sneaky writing in it. Even the tone. Meffi.

There’s nothing self defeating as claiming to be intelligent and you have nothing to show for it.
If they are indeed at par with Americans, Europeans and Asians let them rebuilt Somalia and free themselves from their fundamelist views on religion. Let me them grant rights to their women.

Hapo kwa group intelligence I agree completely, and they are strategic in their long term plans.

One thing Somalis have taught me is that discrimination doesn’t end with tribalism. Man will always find reason to oppress his kind, kama sio racism ama tribalism ni clanism, na kama sio hiyo ni sexism.

Mtafanya Bingwa aanze kunyamba huku

Do you believe that the somalis are ‘responsible’ for all that ? what happened to the mathrees being blown to shits? do you think that they went back to re-strategize? the mall crap? if you believe a bunch of pirates are responsible then you must be the %ge that believes in hocus pocus