The Somali Problem

The somali problem is hugely overhyped Hakuna watu fragmented kama Hao with clanism currently diaspora capital is fueling their rise that too will have it’s peak


We need a final solution to the somali problem

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Somalis are vermin like rats.


Ive addressed this in number 6 above

Wacha kutupima

Hatred is inbuilt in Humans.

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That’s why we have brains to help us overcome the ‘inbuilt’ biases.

Tell that to hutus and tutsis.

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Kwenye tunaelekea borders will just be a matter of formality. If you have been keen, Burundians and other East Africans are currently working in Kenya, to the very local level of hawking coffee and mandazi. We are all one. Wise Kenyans like you, will soon see opportunities in those countries and move to those countries. We are used to big companies being the ones to open branches beyond our borders. Very soon hata yule msee wa boda ataanza kufikiria kununua moja aipeleke anywhere in East Africa. It’s just a matter of when.

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Kabisa Bro.

Wacha nijipange, niwe Customer

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Corruption finally has started working against us.
Mimi kama police siezi kukufia Dif border na mshahara ya 20k na nipewe 200k ninyamaze. Never.

Karibu sana.

umeffi post from a ‘land in the middle of nowhere’ hawker

Siku moja weka Benz mafuta nikurushie pin ukaangalie kama ni middle of no where. I’ll alert our security guys that you are coming wasikuvuruge wakidhani ni broker conman.

Kwetu tulijiharibia sisi wenyewe, suluhisho ni labda ubeberu.