The Somali Problem

We cant keep losing our people to these backward niggas wenye hawaogi in the name of humanity. Wameharibu kwao sasa wanakuja kuharibu kwetu. We need to devise an approach similar to how the Israelis treat the Palestinians once and for all.


  1. Close that refugee camp.
  2. Close the border.
  3. Increase military operations within Somalia and the budget needed for this as well. Arm ourselves to the core with the necessary equipment.
  4. Finance a national PR exercise to induce hate against them and support government actions.
  5. Make it extremely hard for Somalis(both Kenyan and somalis from somalia) from being recognized by government (Issuance of IDs, papers etc).
  6. Remove all Somali officials from national security and governance positions. Remove governor and senator positions from their counties and introduce a bonobo administrator their MPs answer to.
  7. Blockade the entire NE region (wakose access to government services, infrastructure, roads etc ) and introduce something akin to marshall law.
  8. Restructure a part of the NYS into a military/paramilitary unit and introduce a mandatory 2 year service in this region after/mid campus (20yrs+) to maintain the status quo. Radicalise this unit heavily against the Somalis to ensure these measures continue for future generations.
  9. Devise a legal path for Somalis to denounce their Kenyan citizenship and move elsewhere (push them towards Ethiopia/Somalia).
  10. Once normalcy starts to return, initiate the process of gentrification in the NE, supported heavily by the military presence mentioned above.

Opinions zikue fupi fupi. Yes I’m tribal , and I dont give af. My country first. Somalis on here and their sympathizers wajidishi - nendeni mkaishi Somalia if its that much of a paradise.


Or you can just copy Ethiopia’s playbook. Somalis living along the Ethiopian border and who are radicalized to hate Ethiopians rarely venture into Ethiopia to cause chaos. They know the eventuality - a lot of untold deaths and misery. Ethiopian Somalis are just busy going about their lives without bothering or being bothered by other Ethiopians.


Nimeshindwa kuunderstand how the Ethiopians did it so sucessfully. Ill read up on that

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Leave them to rule like what was done to taliban.

Besides the ruthlessness of their military, it is said that there’s some sense of nationalism among the Ethiopians so you wouldn’t give a policeman or soldier 10k to allow you to propagate your nonsense inside their borders. Huku corruption starts right from huko juu. Imagine some of those al kebabs cross over in the full knowledge of some policemen just because they were bribed using a few coins.


Endelea kupigia mbuzi guitar halafu ucheck who are the heads of the security dockets starting with minister of defense, DCI chief, and director of public prosecution etc. You have sympathizers in the highest risk positions.

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They are breeding like rats. Soon they will overtake kila kabila. They also have the added advantage of importing their brothers and sisters across the border.

I concur with you this would be a proper course of action. They will come to bite us in the back in the coming years.

Basi nilotes wa rudi nile river na bantus warudi congo forest. Meffi

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:joy: hii yako Ni kali.

For an Elder of this Burbs, you sure talk air.

If you don’t contribute constructively just keep your peace you’ll make people start thinking otherwise.

Tuko 2023 mkubwa. Usishangae ukijipata unajenga mansion pale Bujumbura in a few years when the current borders start to mean nothing.

Its is non-cooncidental that everyone tends to think the same. I was taken aback by Jambazi’s choice of officers to lead different key security dockets.
That guy is full of jokes.

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We are deep into this thing International relations. Misaada chungu nzima, I don’t think we can do away with Somalis easily. We cannot sustain ourselves. Saa hii ile Eurobond ya $2b inaiva ….masaa ni ya kulipa. The cycle continues.
Kama mambo ya Alphabet tumeshikwa makende, sembuse ya wasomali.

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Wewe endelea kulamba matako.


Considering everything, they are not a problem.

If corruption was contained here,we couldn’t be ranting.

Most Somalis now, given an option to choose between kenya and somalia,they will choose kenya unlike at independence.

For the majority of that population,they are experiencing civilization now (very low literacy levels, absence of government made them heavily reliant on traditions and religion),hence the disturbances in the 'national equilibrium ’ of kenya.when things settle,life will go on.NE had been a closed province until around 92,so the rest of Kenyans are learning now how to live alongside them.

I think one more thing people don’t appreciate,the country called Somalia is undergoing reconstruction.How that is happening is like Kenya,US and allies ripped it apart and are now ensuring anything new is to there advantage or future safety.e.g their constitution and political architecture

Sorry,I wasn’t able to provide comment fupi fupi


Kenyan tribalism halafu lack of nationalism is our achilles. Before even worrying about Somalis start with Indians. No wonder Nigerians are swinging their balls all over nairobi

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A but much, but true, these zoomalians are a brewing problem. Kinajitayarisha kuturamba mbaya.
They’ve now infiltrated government, hiyo kwisha. In business, they’ve read our weaknesses and they’re supporting each other to succeed, sisi tukiendelea kuchimbana. Kanairo CBD si ni yao sasa? Real estate, Transport, Petroleum. Wako ndani mbaya. Nyayo house, nani anahongana, keeping the rest of us waiting for ages for a passport. Ni zoomalians tu. Can you own land in South C, Eastleigh and stay in peace? Jaribu.
We are beyond the point where change will come peacefully, yet it must come coz a zoomalian is not really someone you can coexist with. When there is deep seated hatred and animosity, you just need an incident to set off violence, and it can escalate very quickly. Uliza wanyarwanda.
Someone needs to advise these zoomalians wakuje polepole. The writing is on the wall.
In the scandinavian countries, there’s now a plague of zoomalians. They allowed these guys to enter with their extended families, now they’re breeding like rats, not working and overwhelming the welfare system, plus they don’t/can’t integrate. Wazungu wenyewe kama kawaida hawazaani. Wanataka mtoto mmoja, paka ama humbwer. Kimewaramba. Back to the drawing board.
An interesting comparison would be Fiji. Waindi (some other muthafkas) waliongezeka till they outnumbered the locals. Attempts to elect waindi PMs have so far failed as they are promptly overthrown. Ethnic tensions also run high there.


our main problem is not chokoras with guns. Our huge problem is low IQ security men who take bribes to look the other way. Wanahongwa ndio wapeane route za security teams.

The same security people have had major success in pikot because pikota are too poor to bribe them. Wangekuwa na pesa hakuna kitu wangewafanyia