The Soho project serviced apartments at Kirichwa Road Kilimani

The Soho Serviced Apartment is an ultra-modern fourteen storied development along Kirichwa Road in
Kilimani, which captures stunning views of Ngong hills. This one of kind development offers luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom duplex apartments as well as four bedroom penthouses with elegant amenities and finishing. Completion is set for August 2018.

Amenities available in the development
 Ample secure parking (2 basements)
 24-hour CCTV surveillance
 Intelligent security systems
 4 high speed lifts
 Borehole
 Backup generator
 Boundary wall with electric fence
 A dedicated 24 hour reception
 Coffee shop/restaurant (on ground floor)
 Business lounge and conference (on ground floor)
 State-of-the-art gym, steam and sauna
 Spa (on the 13th floor)
 Rooftop infinity heated swimming pool
 Pool bar
 Children’s play area (ground floor)
 Well landscaped tropical central courtyard with water features, artistic monuments and sitting benches
 Complimentary services such as housekeeping, room-service, laundry

The Apartments Superior quality fixtures
& fittings include:
 Aluminum windows
 Kitchen quartz counter-tops
 Laminate engineered wooden floors
 Built in cupboards
 Ceramic and stone tiles in wet areas
 Pressurized & specialized hot water systems
 Cable TV & internet
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Tuliambiwa we stay away from these overpriced apartments. Out of curiosity, ni how much?

These types of projects epitomize the level of disparity between the haves and the have-nots. A world bank report of 2017 showed that the gap between the rich and the poor has almost doubled in the last decade. It’s no surprise that the government of the day led by greedy buffoons will incentivize such projects but do nothing substantial to raise the incomes of the poor, except, if, it benefits tenderprenuers. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Kabisa stay away, you will pay the build cost, mark up and several agent fees. Wewe jenga yako. I remember that thread. Anyway since you asked and I have to balance both sides. Noble Afrika 0723821242

I know the cost is outrageous, without even asking for those details. You can hear one 2-bdr apartment is going for kshs 30 million. :D:D:D

You will still pay for service charge. If this is your first home purchase, stay away. Let institutional investors take it up.


This is a comment from architects pinup board on the pricing of this aparments

Good proposal. But this should also wake Kenyan buyers up. imagine buying a 145square meter apartment for 15million? this is a raw deal. or is that price for a 75m square meter apartment? it translates to Kshs. 103,000 per square meter.

I hope people will wake up and open their eyes one day. But hey, who am i to judge? we are a capitalistic nation.

The approximate rate per sqm in runda is 65k!!!

Hizi ni hideout as mpango wa kando. Just wondering, sisi wajaruo siku ile tutachukua ushukana, I will rent 5 apartments in different locations .
A Luo presidency is good for the Economy of Kenya.

Swali ni who buys these apartments? Lanes!!

Kenyans , i know a guy who owns 3 two bedroom apartments @ 26m and a villa @ 45m in garden city.

Come to think of it. Kavirondo akipata pesa ata tumia vizuri sana and keep the economy running. Unlike shiny eye ambaye atazi stash somewhere pablo Escobar style.

Doubled? Maybe. But remember it was 6 times during independence. It has now 138 times.

Go read the stats by Ndii in his last article.

Kabisaa. I’ve seen institutions kama Aga Khan Uni & U.N buy such houses to house their visiting/exchange programme Profs & staff instead of putting them up in hotels.

What I know is that such houses are built and bought using the sweat of Kenyans acquired illicitly. Data on mortgages will bear me out.

You are probably right. About 3 km south-from that location, someone is asking upper 20s to low 30s for 3 bedroom units.

What does he do with the 2 bedroom units? Those are harder to to sell or rent.

He rents them out as furnished apartment for 200k a month. They rarely gets clients but it does not bother him, As we speak he is in the process of buying another villa.

These property will mostly attract expats, institutions, investors-who want to put them up on Airbnb ,money launderers and some newly moneyed middle income who want to move away from East lands. Lavington and Kilimani are mostly full of foreigners.I read in a certain article that British who want holiday homes and Nigerians are the largest buyers of luxury property in Kenya.For British it is understandable because of their purchasing power.

The group that should be checked that are messing up for everyone are Nigerians and South Sudanese who are mostly laundering money. You will hardly get a Nigerian making a honest living who is rich-most get tenders because of connection with politicians and use their money to live elsewhere, are church entrepreneurs and a large number are drug traffickers/launder money/do wash wash and scams.South Sudanese are using oil money because of relation to politicians and will come to live in Kenya.

one day, soon and very soon, the poor will eat the rich

Revolution bells are ringing