The so called Youth Pastors and gospel artists should not be allowed to preach in girls High school..Some are very devious fellows




Pale Yues is the same thing… youth pastors na ufisi seems to be a universal thing.



Nataka kuanza kuenda kanisa juu ya easy lays zenye zinapatikana huko

wamama wazee nyama ngumu hawataki watu wakule soft meat

Predators everywhere!!!

Enda club ziko karibu na hostel… Uni chics are legal… Nd they wild…

utachomwa kwa saitani

I don’t believe these whores , she wants a rematch after she hit the wall .it’s these gilrls who hit on those men of lawd and when they tempt the wolf beyond what it can fathom , it falls to the trap.
Years later clichy realises that she gave it for free!!! And it was supposed to have been paid mirrions as per their role model Veronica shikwekwe . That’s when the blackmail starts . She even fools fool like @Karoga she slept with her jeans on:D:D:D:D:D:D:D . @uwesmake impregnated a form three minor easy peasy

Biological desires can’t be stopped by legal action,Kama Kuma inataka dick wacha ipewe dick,hizi restrictions mingi ndio zinaleta lgbtqrst chieth na reckless sexual diseases,acts and abortion s due to lack of good health care among sexually active but not legal teens

wacha pastor atoe dryspell si pia yeye ni binadamu

Wacha watu wakule soft meat. Let people enjoy their tings

Let men enjoy soft meat banae.

This campaign must be championed by old frustrated women who can’t stand men enjoying finer things in life.