The sneakiest thing i did in school.


Well this one time I was at school with my girlfriend(now ex), we were studying. We were sitting separately but we were in the same class room. I don’t know who else was at school but I had exclusive access to that classroom so no one really knew that we were there. I wasn’t really talking to her. About 5 hours went by without saying a word to each other, only taking occasional looks at her(she was so beautiful) . She then asked me to come over and help her on some problem she was trying to solve(think it was physics).

I stood up and went to her and we worked over the problem. Instead of going back to my table we started talking, we were both tired. I don’t remember what happened exactly but next thing I knew, I had my hand in her pants, at that point anybody could have walked in on us. We started kissing and touching. I at some point went to lock the door(I had the key). We proceeded to do the deed without fully taking off our clothes.

Just after we finished with our pants still down, we heard somebody walk to the door, it was the security guard. Fortunately the door was locked… well that’s what I thought. Turns out I hadn’t locked the door properly, if the guard had pushed the door then it would get unlocked(it was a pull door) and we would have been caught basically naked. I never told her about the door though.

Later when I asked her about the event, she told me that it was rather embarrassing for her even no one but us knew about it, I wish she would have stopped me.

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