The Shift to TVET is quite encouraging


Will there be opportunities for these crop of technicians ? Ama kila mtu aende self employment

Since over 700k people did KCSE na only around 300k wanaendelea na masomo. The rest wako pale town wakingojea kuwanyonga na kukuibia simu.

My uni education was practically useless in the real world.

Speaks volumes about the state of our economy

You should be thanking our incoming president H.E Dr. William Ruto for having had a great vision for our youths when he was the minister for higher education during the nusu mkate government.

Kazi kwa wazito, wheelbarrow kwa vijana.Ama namna gani.

Ulilazimishwa kusoma?

its simple supply & demand. Would they be enrolling in these tvet courses if there weren’t opportunities?

Lol, isn’t he the same guy that was in the jubilee government that’s put us in our current economic situation?

pretty much the case everywhere else. Was only there for the paper, didn’t care much for it.

What’s wrong with self employment?

as if you voted for Dida. what role does a powerless deputy president play at the treasury or the cbk?

There are plumbers earning more than bank tellers who have degrees.
Try getting a guy to dig pit or a well some earn as much as 5k a day. Those who are well known in this profession take only Sunday breaks and maybe an extra day off a week.
Electricians, same.
In other words rather than go fight with millions of others for limited jobs, TVET is way better!
A combination of the two is best. Study say electrical engineering from a TVET, Then go to the university and study say any course that deals with architectural reading. That means that you can see an architectural design and map the wiring and electrical installations. Every construction company will be looking for you. Same for say plumbing
Unless you are going to study say medicine or Law or a few others, then you’d be better off at a TVET

This is the advice being peddled out here by everyone but kea ground vitu ni different

What is happening Kwa ground?

In a uni kuna 1st year to 4 th year …100 0r more in a class na munasomea kitu moja …you have not even added the number of your predecessors na population ya other unis…we are fucked ukipata kazi usichezee…labda ikue ya familia.:smiley:

Kwa ground professionalism is hardly recognised.Profits, productivity and skills run the industry, with your certificate and little or no experience because tvet institutions mostly wanafunza theory and you’re told to get experience from field attachment,they’ll keep churning half-baked technicians. Hii field haina guaranteed opportunity after graduation from TVET and then those who learnt as apprentices will always have an advantage over the tvet guys. Jua Kali sio ya faint hearted people. FYI go to that vocational training then get someone to teach you the tricks of trade for like 3yrs depending on fast you are at learning.

Its a pity,mmejaa class,nobody gives a shit! The quality of education in universities is so wanting.