The shape of money

Worth a whopping $112 billion, Jeff Bezos topped Forbes’ annual [B]Billionaires List[/B] for the first time. Bezos also saw the biggest one-year gain, up $39.2 billion from 2017, vaulting him past Microsoft (LinkedIn’s parent) founder Bill Gates with $90 billion. Gates has been first on the list for 18 of the past 24 years, and the difference between the two top spots is the widest since 2001. • Share your thoughts: [I]#BezosForbes[/I]

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Bezos is on course to become the worlds first dollar trillionaire. Elon musk is the other contender.

Dollar trillionaire is will not be possible in a long long time

the case of Bezos is funny because a 20 something year old company is treated like a start up.Amazon is a retail company and should be valued as such, the only profitable dept is Amazon web services, the retail operation continues to lose money. The market has focused on the growth and forgot retail margins are not that fat.
my prediction, next yr he won’t hack top five,remember eike Batista?

Tech companies nowadays strive to create an ecosystem. Amazon itself may not make money, but it brings the customers plus supporting user data that makes their other services very lucrative. AWS started this way. Prime video, Kindle, etc. In a click of a button, Amazon can launch a bank/payment service, a new phone model and a million other things and they are sure they already have the customer. That’s what makes it valuable. It’s just like YouTube which reportedly makes losses every year. But put it in the Google ecosystem and you’re talking about a $100 billion plus stand alone company in terms of value.

yaani 11 trillion watu wako Na pesa kwli

anaeza lipia Kenya Debt yote Na hawezi sota

What I love most about Bezos story is that he graduated Summa cum laude.
Him, Newmark, the craiglist founder, Dorsey of twitter, Dell of Dell, Larry page of google, Larry Ellison of oracle are very smart fellows. Gives hope to our kids and generations after them…that one can still strike it rich through sheer hard work and innovation at school…

amazon has spent so much on brick and mortar fulfillment centres it looks like a Walmart. remember Walmart bought and has put some serious money in online sales, to me there is convergence between their retail operations therefore they should have similar valuation. Also having data on consumers doesn’t matter if you are not in the business of selling adverts.


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Lets revisit in 2050.

Ataweza kutulipia (Kenya) deni yote kisha atuambie tukojoe halafu tulale tuache kusumbua!

Remember most of Amazon revenue right now is from other people selling their products on the platform. Here Amazon only makes a small % of the revenue.
But everyday they are moving to selling their own products. It started with Kindle, now they have a range of so many Amazon-branded things like echo, Fire stick, Ring, Fresh grocery etc.
The profit margins on own products are higher and you can bet that is the future Amazon is heading to. In a decade or so, the fulfillment centers will probably have majority Amazon-owned products.

The purpose of collecting user data is to sell targeted products to everyone. Google collects so that they can bombard you with the right advertisements.
Advertisements are meant to sell you a product.
So for you to say that if you’re not in the business of selling adverts data doesn’t matter, I wonder what you mean. Amazon actually needs more of your user data than Google because they are the ones doing the selling. If you’ve bought anything on Amazon you know how their recommendation system works.
And by the way Amazon also sells ads on their platform. It is a nearly $5 billion a year revenue stream for them, and they’ve not even gotten very serious yet.
And Amazon ads perform way better because they target people who are already in the spirit of shopping.