The shape is enough to raid most of our bank accounts


looks fake

Oooh Yesss … :smiley:

mbona unaficha uso?


imagine I can’t even look twice, enyewe kila mtu na vyake

mume compress mapua ya hiyo toyota. most web images created with marketing intention are fake.


Looks abnormal. Curvaceousness beyond a certain point looks weird.


Hizi mashapes zimejaa makanisani. If you dress well and drive a decent jalopy hit some ministries and hunt there.

Kanisa na branch gani?

Ministries most zenye ziko kwa town.

Mdau enda pale The mirage wetlands, utakula hadi uchoke. All sizes. Damages lunch and a drink.

Ni lanye chini ya maji ama?

may be your bank account speak for yourself

We need more photos for comprehensive assessment and conclusion.

Yeah, wannabe socialites / kunguru huflock hapo. Then kama WeWe ni wamunyota enda club 40/40 quality kungurus

I know her …she’s a kiambuian

Picha duka[ATTACH=full]334444[/ATTACH]