The shafting is just about to get real....

The cost of living in Nairobi is set to rise further should a raft of new proposed levies by the Nairobi County be adopted.
Offloading Fees:
Miraa traders will be required to pay Sh50 per small bag, Sh100 per medium bag, Sh500 per Probox and Sh1,000 per pickup while an offloading fee of Sh30 per box of every imported fish.
For tomatoes, the charges will be Sh1,500 per Probox. However, tomatoes from Tanzania will attract between Sh50 and Sh250 per box, depending on their size ranging from very small to extra-large.
Flowers per lorry will attract an offloading fee of Sh3,000, a Probox of avocado Sh800 while a pick-up of the same produce Sh1,500. Groundnuts will be charged Sh100 per bag while thorn melons will attract Sh50 per box.
A tonne of macadamia and French beans will be charged at Sh1,000 each while all other items will attract between Sh100 and Sh500 per pickup and lorry respectively.
The property industry has also been hit with new charges for transporting building materials. Transporting building stones will attract a seasonal charge of between Sh48,000 and Sh144,000, depending on the tonnage with the option to pay per trip.
For the hardcore, the charges will be between Sh24,000 and Sh120,000 while for sand and ballast will be Sh48,000 and Sh120,000.
Transfer of properties, under the tenant purchase scheme, will also for the first time be charged Sh10,000 per transfer.
New charges will also be levied for learning institutions for disposal of solid waste with daycare and nurseries charged between Sh3,000 and Sh20,000 depending on whether they are private or public and the number of pupils.
For day secondary, the charges will be between Sh2,500 and Sh10,000, boarding secondary schools between Sh3,000 and Sh20,000 while universities and colleges will pay between Sh20,000 and Sh200,000 a month.
For residential houses, it will be Sh300 and Sh600 per household every month, a fee that was not there in 2018 while for community-based organisations (CBO) solid waste collection and transportation will attract a charge of Sh3,000 for trucks between one and seven tonnes and Sh6,000 for those above seven tonnes.
The Bill also proposes a new charge of Sh6,000 per annum for storing inflammable materials for liquefied petroleum gas sellers and own use and petroleum for own use.
Premises, including hardware, cafes, bars and shops, will also part with the same amount. For chemists, the charges will be between Sh6,500 and Sh12,000, depending on their size.
Disposal of non-toxic and non-hazardous industrial waste will also attract a levy of Sh1,000 per tonne.
At the same time, the Bill, presented before the county assembly on Tuesday, is also proposing an increase in several taxes, charges, fees, levies and penalties.


I thank God wajuaji wa Nairobi wenye walitusi sonko wanatiwa proper na Saddam Hussein. Hapana lia lia.


Murudi ocha.

Kama ni Nairobi pekee sawa…city is turning into shit anyway

It’s very hard to understand how this brings joy to you. You are this desperate for verification from strangers??
Don’t you see the ripple effect of this one way or the other will get to door step?

Now that you’ve been verified. Then what? You were right son!! Congratulations!! Then what?

this are not taxes but rather an extortion racket. As it is already, businesses are paying numerous overpriced licenses for a single business sasa kuogeza hii upuss ingine wont make an economic sense to do business here.

which strangers? you had two options, you chose Saddam Hussein over Mike Sonko. Sasa unalia usaidiwe aje? lazima Saddam Hussein afanye kazi yake. Mtake msitake. i don’t post for likes like you. Most of my posts have zero comments and zero likes. Mlidanganywa na cabro na rangi na magwanda za kijeshi. Mnalilia nani sa ii? Si Badi ndo alikua saviour wenu? When we support mwizi wa sugoi huwa mnatuona mafala sana. Wacheni Saddam Hussein na team yake wawatie vizuri bila lube ndio muamke

You are wrong on the front that you make it sound like Nairobians were given some kind of options to choose and they chose the latter which isn’t the case.

What stopped Sonko from being a good governor?

In fact what’s stopping him now???

Wewe bora mtu ni wa Ruto he has a halo around his head. Sonko is a thug. Even Kidero the looter of Mumias was a bit better. Sonko was a populist experiment that paid off bigly for Jubilee but reality set in soon afterwards, the prison prefect started running Nairobi into the ground. That’s why State House wrestled the county back from him via NMS na analia lia mtandaoni because he is no longer relevant.

How will these charges be applied??? For example the offloading one - it seems impractical…

Saddam is a million times better than sonko, that fella is only good in side show and pr

Media has been known to embellish the details

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The fak, this is sad news. Soon tukikujia mali huko nairofi we will be slapped with silly penalties. It starts with something before spreading to everything. Miraathen malimali zifikiwe. Business environment is becoming unbearable in this Kenya

In other news…1USD is approaching Ksh 110.