The SGR craze

So many months that morphed into years sijapanda hii kitu


I hate peasantry with all my life

That doesn’t mean I am rich

It only means that I have a higher sense of self worth than people on my tax bracket

If you keep doing what the masses do you gonna be like them …which ain’t a good thang unless you are in Monaco

I am past that age to get excited with small things …pussy included

Why am i saying all this?

Well, all universities on Thika road and their alumni are crap …employ them at your own risk


Kama ingekua ina toka eastleigh mpaka moyale ungelipia na maparo

My parents worked so hard for me to be where I am …it would be insulting for them to do a train ride

Flight :airplane:

I took that train for the experience and nostalgia from my childhood, going on the sleeper train left memories.
I prefer it as it offers the closest experience to flying coz I don’t like flying that much and don’t feel like coughing out that much to fly.
Yeah I can be cheap at times.

apana sema sisi ni crap.some us tuko na skills na experience buana

Yes, it’s hard to get excited by something you’ve never had.

Woi woi woi woi nyinyi ni taka taka

Utaoa lini alshababchieth

Alshababchieth ilioa Palmela kitaaambooo.

Jaribu tena.

Why are you trying to force your standards on others bwana? Tujifinye tupande ndege wote kukufurahisha? Nisawa you have the money, fly all you want, fly everywhere mpaka kwa matako ya rihanna we dont care, sisi tutapanda SGR. Infact i cant wait for 20th dec ninganganie Msamaria mwema machakos country bus…those things have been put for us na tutatumia mpaka zizeeke

Umeboeka na mcoosh tayari?

Yaani you are the fastest

Your name betrays you …and what more I bet your boxer has a dark fudge like stain on the band

This is childish, even for a peasant. What’s wrong with being a peasant anyway? Not a disease.

imei niaje?

SGR first class option makes sense and is a better option than flying since you just get to the station 30 minutes before departure and the scenery much better than it is from 30000 ft asl. Economy is horrible ni kuangaliana macho na kushare a kasmall table na watu wanne.

Why can’t they just arrange the seats like in a bus?
Hiyo kuangaliana ni ovyo sana.

That’s the problem with men who have small dicks

How many dicks have you tasted …or tested