The sexual attractive peak for men(26-32) and women(19-22) and how to maximize it.

The term sexual attractiveness in a loosely defined way means how attractive you are to the opposite sex in a purely sexual way, raw attractiveness based solely on how you look which includes your face, body, height, skin and sexual dimorphism.

The common red-pill SMV peak of men at 36 and women at 23 is a myth and not an SMV peak but rather a romantic value peak(when the opposite sex may consider you for a long time commitment). The real SMV peak is 19-22 for women and 26-32 for men.

Women’s peak 19-22
Google “hot no-makeup 19-year-olds”, then google again “hot no-makeup 21-year-olds” and then google" hot no-makeup 23-year-olds". What do you notice? The 19 and 21-year-olds surpass the 23-year-olds by a margin.

After 23 most women need makeup to match their declining looks. In fact, while in university where girls are aged 19-22, I usually saw very few women who wore make-up, push-up bras e.t.c the day these women turned 23 they all were powdered in the face more than a toddlers bum.

Still do not believe me? Find a girl with whom you are close enough to her so that she is always honest with you and ask her the following question, “ulipokua miaka ngapi ndio ulikuwa unakatiwa sana”(you may have to reframe this). All the time I asked this I got answers like “nilipokua uni” “nikiwa colle” “nilipomaliza highschool” that’s all between the age of 19-22. This is also the age where 90% of her notch counts will come from.

Most girls with decent enough effort(hygiene, avoiding junk and drugs e.t.c) can maintain (although still degrading slowly) their looks till about the age of 25. After 25 50% of girls just do not have the genes and they decline rapidly. 30% of the remaining women can maintain their looks(still degrading slowly) till 30. The other 20% left may have the genes to cheat ageing till 35.

After 35 I’d say it is extremely rare to find an attractive woman. The effort needed to look like a 21-year-old is humongous we are talking surgery, working out like crazy, watching diet, enough sleep, no stress

Men peak at 26-32
Most men who are below the age of 25 will have problems with the ladies but once they reach between the age of 26-32 things solve themselves how do you explain this apart from you have hit your peak, you have lost baby fat, beards have become to develop(sexual dimorphism), you are probably bigger and overall look manlier.

At this age range, it is easy for men to become players nakuwakunywa just as it was easy for girls between 19-22. This is a very good age to explore before settling down in your mid-thirties.

Now to be honest you will never look good at 36 than you did at 28 assuming you have always maintained yourself well. If you believe this lie just google “28-year-old men” then google “36-year-old men” the 36-year-old potbellied guys are at their physical peak??? huh did not think so.

Too lazy to google go to a bar where mid-thirties guys are and a bar full of late 20’s guys what did you notice again? Probably in the mid-thirties bar you saw a balding potbellied group of guys drinking together listening to some silly rhumba, in the late 20’s bar what did you see? young virile men with a full head of hair and flat tummies having a time of their life probably grinding with young women on some gengetone music. You do not peak at 36 you settle down at 36.

50% of men look like shit after 35 the other 30% can maintain a decent look till 40 the other 20% maybe till 45. After 45 most men need to work out, avoid junk, avoid drugs, get good sleep, avoid stress and have good ageing genes e.t.c to maintain their looks.

A)This only considers average people with an average lifestyle. If you are taking care of yourself or have insanely good genetics you should see an earlier peak(about 3 years earlier) that can last longer (about 3 years longer). There are always outliers(top 1%) that skew the data so let’s ignore the Bradpits and Angelina Jolies.

B)This does not mean that it’s impossible to get laid in other stages of your life, example you can date and get laid, even slay in high school, university and even in your forties but for a man, the ages of 26-32 is when you will overall be doing much less work while having the most options and better quality. Same to women who are dating in their thirties, they probably had more options for much less work at the age of 19-22.

C)After your peak you will notice your options and quality deteriorating hence a good time to commit and get married before fully deteriorating in the looks department that should be about 23 for women and 36 for men.

D)You can in theory “maximize” your physical peak for both men and women doing the following will raise their physical appearance.

  • Basic hygiene( shower daily, brush teeth twice, cut long nails) good, decent makeup for women not too much
  • Hairstyle (a good hairstyle can raise your looks by almost 2 points) well-trimmed beards for men or stubble
    -Dress well( clothes that fit for men, clothes that show your features for women)
    -Skincare(drink lots of water, moisturize your skin and avoid sun damage to maintain glowing youthful skin.).
    -Working out and avoiding junk food to maintain a lean appearance, stay within your Bmi, men at least the top two of your abs should be visible for women a flat tummy is good.
  • Avoid excessive drugs and alcohol intake.

E)In your peak go out and meet people be sociable or you will in theory “waste your peak”


The two above individuals have obviously “peaked” in their smv but they are at different age groups.

Man has no wall. Akipiga tizi, akuwe na doh na akule poa he can be picking up chiqs even at 50yrs old.

My old man is in his 60s na anasumbua madem na wamama sana.

Though iko tu ukweli, this kind of talk will earn you a massive bashing on most social network platforms

You can not “red-pill” people on social media sites, political correctness is the order of the day, in-fact avoid such sites they breed simps like rats. I personally do not have any social media account. The red-pill truths are too complex for blue-pilled minds to grasp. Look at what reddit did to mgtow and red-pill subreddits.

Am talking about “peaks”. Angelina Jolie is probably still hot at 46 but I would prefer the 20 year old version of her. You would be also naïve to think that looks do not affect men desirability. If a hot woman is being chased by rich men she will pick the best looking of the males.

Am sure I will slay pussy till I will be 80 but am I know that for quality and numbers between 24 to mid 30’s will be my best.

Didn’t you tell us the other day that your father is a pastor?

No I didn’t.

:D:D:D is he a bike enthusiast?

How does your mum deal with him?

…does the above fit in the african context? Sidhani kabsa.

There are some men and a good number whose peak is 19 - 24 years, when they were in campo. They partied hard, fucked the most beautiful girls but after campo msoto ingine iliwashika because they were unemployable dry spell ikawapiga proper for several years hadi wakaimba hallelujah

A man who gives up at 24 is thoroughly stupid.

The reason I don’t believe in things like SMV is because it is bluepill. That kind of thought is what will push you to the abyss i.e. marriage or relationships.
Kula kitu yoyote iko kwa njia yako hadi ufike 120 years of age alafu uoe.

Men who have money have no walls. The best example is actor anaitwa DiCaprio: this mzee anakamua beautiful women who are below 25yrs, wakipita 25yrs anawatupa kando.

oldman ni grandpa

Hizi theory mingi zinachanganya akili.

She will pick the one with the fattest wallet.

Yes hawo ndio early staters/bloomers. After 25or 30yrs wanakuaga wameisha fashion because they don’t have what women want at that age which is resources and maturity.Then kuna hawa late bloomers who start getting women when they are in their late 20s. Hao ndio husumbua sana.

Malisa hio baba panya