The seven plagues Analysis

Ok am not gonna tell the whole story coz pia I cant recall coz niko ma shada… okay the first ill talk about the river that turned into blood… kuna that mountain which is volcanic and it erupt izo days za pharao… so wenye mnajua about volcanoes there is lava, magma and the harufu from the volcano… so the lava ili flow into the river and its red and poisonous… so first born wa pharao alikua anachoma and kiu ikatuma yy kwa mto of which alikunywa the poisonous water na wengine they died… frogs could not stay kwa that river which was contaminated zikaenda kwa manyumba for shade… so tuache kubebwa malenge na watu wa west… lets go back into those days when our ancestors used ku enda mlima kuomba only God with no bible and hao kina mtoto wa mary and joseph. Boom. Vuta bangi open the third eye and get to see things out of the box like Mosa.


Au sio kakaree

Ukweli kabisa ata David alikula wife ya msee

Ehhh 99% of history is lies

Weh…but the firstborns death were the last to happen. Nakumbuka that kamovie I watched when we were kipiis kama @digi & the deaths were the last stroke for the Pharaoh. Anyway, hii ni mambo hata science wamejaribu kuexplain.

Ah Mosa de, huoni hizi vitu ni God alicause zihappen… The earth is the Jehovah’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. Psalms 23:1 and emphasised again
For “The earth is the Jehovah’s, and everything in it.” 1Corinthians 10:26

The responded as Jehovah commanded.