The school girl who committed suicide

I think she just acted out fast due to the embarassment but That death must have being really horrifying, imagine drowning in shit ? maybe a few seconds before her death she regretted her decision to end her life.


Daktari. I was to ask you about psychology and kids coz now this incident just taught me that even the most random dumb ish a person can do to a minor, even if it’s for fun, can have tragic consequences.

Psychology is a whole new and expansive discipline that I’ve never delved into. For me, what guides me are my own experiences. I was once a teenager and I know what I disliked and have absolutely no expectation that another person would like or enjoy it. In short, do no harm. Putting people to shame publicly is by no means the right way to handle it.


I tend to believe that’s where survival comes in. …The weak succumb the strong excel!

I think we are raising up a generation of sissies . Many of us think our parents were tough dem days and we don’t wonna turn out like them. As a result we end up bringing up kids who can’t tackle the real world. Take for example bullying, it has always being there but these days kids commit suicide because hey! They have been bullied…that’s something people experience sometimes even as adults . I went to a school function some time ago and every kid was given a trophy because apparently it damages psychology of kids if you reward some kids(the ones who have done extremely well) and leave out the rest. When will kids like these realize that it’s a competitive world out there? That to be among the best you gotta push yourself?
We’ve made our beds…


I agree with you, we endured worse and came out strong! Suicides were as a result of extreme deeds not petty B’S. …

My mum would whoop your ass outside the esto and drag you all the way to the house! Attempt suicide, she would suggest quicker ways to do it! My siblings and I turned out okay thez more to this issue than a humiliation pushing a kid to be suicidal!..esp rewinding???

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Having suicidal tendencies is one thing, going ahead and committing suicide is a whole different thing.

Panel of experts nawaona

What you guys are forgetting is that this is a small girl barely into her teens. She is not equipped to deal with this kind of public shaming. If your @shocks and @Kaffir 's dick pics got leaked you would be like “so what?”
But remember the other day @Davidee was here telling us how he cried for a chic and this is a fellow we can assume has been shaving beards for several years. Now take that anguish of his and multiply it by 1000 because this is a young girl. she couldnt handle it. It has nothing to do with softness but everything to do with maturity.
And the teacher is at fault too.


In primary school tukiwa class 7 a friend was smitten by some girl from another school but her younger brother was studying inbour school. So we sat down na writting pad n penned down a love letter to her(si mnajua letter was a combi effort ili usimess). We gave the letter to the younger brother who was in class 4 apelekee dadake. The boy instead alipelekea babake. Ngoja kesho tutolewe class. Tulipigwa kama burukenge. To make matters worse my mum was a teacher in my school. Took the beatings like a man but none committed suicide. Kuenda highschool interaction with ladies from other schools was highly encouraged. Kwanza we had a teacher akikuona bila a lady during a function he would go and call for you one na mkienda out atakuambia you are wasting school resources. I guess times change


I think most of us werent bullied in the truest sense of the word. Sure in high school we were harassed in first form and maybe into second, and then we dished out the same nonsense on the guys behind us. But it was routine. Or in the hood being sumbuad by some niggas when you first move in there. Eventually we found ourselves in the same circles with these people and life continues. But the kind of bullying where someone picks on you specifically to make everyday impossible is not the kind of bullying we underwent. The kind of thing where you look back at it now and pain and anger well up inside you.

Are our kids softer these days? Yes. I think its more a result of knowing there is more out than the little world that we experienced growing up. We grew up knowing there was chuo, the hood and shagz. The kids now do sleepovers and see life on the other side of the fence. If their world was limited like ours was, i think they would be a lot harder.
And that thing of giving everyone prized is bull. Everyone in my kids sports day got a medal, even though they had a point system for the 3 houses competing. I always tell my kid he better do his stuff to win because noone is going to let him win. So when we race there are days I let him win, others there is a ridiculous gap between us…then he starts crying…:confused:


The Damn birch would still have committed suicide over one of the many trivial issues we encounter in life.



siku hizi hebu hata jaribu kuchuna mtoto wa wenyewe maskio kama umewakuta wakifanya tabia mbaya live live uone vile utakimbishwa kortini mbiyo mbiyo

I completely disagree…some of these teenagers need a thorough beating because if don’t we know exactly where they’ll end up…parents should discipline their kids but we’re too “busy” trying to feed them and so we let sadistic teachers do the parenting…so this is just one of the character traits of the generation we’re “feeding”

in this kind of environment and attitude look how you turned out!

Prepared us for life beyond single sex boarding school. Where we were to interact with all genders

“Udongo uwahi ungali maji,” walinena wahenga. It is my opinion that the child’s character is more or less formed by the time they’re around twelve and, at that age, no amount of thrashing will do any good. I could be wrong but that’s what I’ve commonly observed.

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