The scam is back with fake stories of a booming real estare

What exactly has changed to justify this? People lost jobs, business is down, people have less money in the bank by many times compared to last year.shiiid, this fake as fuck


The covid-19 downturn has not affected everyone equally. There are guys who are doing the same financially if not better.

There is a boom in the construction sector. I can attest to the fact.

CoVID money

There’s plenty of houses on the market. The asking prices are really high though.

No onedisputes zupply. Is there demand. Are the scammers hoping that if they wait lomg enough, people will come to them?

That’s a good question. Kenyans must have a lot of money. Because someone must be buying. I unless it’s people just trying to get cash now that things are tight.

or it could be a paid narrative to insinuate their is real demand while there’s not, to justify their high prices with fake buyers. there was a time it was quite rampant, you find in a site seeing bus, out of ten only like 3 or less are actual buyers, the rest were paid up actors to spur emotions and entice the actual buyers vile wata miss out.
what I know is that banks are struggling with defaults , juzi stanbic listed over 200 landed properties for Sale and am sure other banks are struggling to dispose those titles too

Hahaha have you ever heard of this tactic— nliona twitter that, apparently, landlords huko Kilimani pay people to furnish empty houses with curtains, hang clothes kwa balcony, and switch on lights masaa ya usiku to make people think that the building has tenants :D. To lure actual buyers.
Alafu they allow people to park cars kwa hizo buildings so ukikuja mchana kutafuta nyumba unakuwa wowed vile ikona tenants :D:D Ukiangalia juu unaona manguo kwa balconies. Ukipita usiku unaona lights kwa madirisha :smiley: Kumbe building ni empty

Utalijua jiji


no one is buying, and I mean no one. Next monday, pick your newspaper and tell how there can be thousands of property on auction yet people are still building more. People are stuck in a hole they dug for themselves and they do not want to admit its time to quit. Mostly becuase scammers keep smooth talking idiot kenyans to pump enough money just enough to keep the scam going.

The problem is that zinanunuliwa. There is money in our system.