The Same Deniers That Sang About How Trump Can't Lose Are The Same Ones Denying China Will Not Overtake The US By 2025. USA WILL BE No. 3

Right now China’s manufacturing capacity is about to exceed the EU, US and the next 13 Countries ALL combined, same thing with Clean Energy from Wind and Solar.

By 2028 USA will be No. 3 after China and India.

China is simply on an abnormal Growth Trajectory while the USA and the EU continue to get ravaged by Wuvid19. China right now is involved in Multi Billion Dollar projects in dozens of countries around the world. From South America to South Asia to Africa.


The evil whyteman has met his match. China and India were the global biggest economies centuries ago and they will get back to their formr glory in the next 8 years.

This is a s clear as day. The glory days of the USa are over. It is officially in the decline. Great Britain was the world’s until it was overtaken by the US and soon the US will be number 2 then slip a notch lower to No. 3

Even a blind man can see.

Who is China’s biggest trade partner?

Whose factories built China?

Waliopewa madeni na China wasipolipa halafu?

Pull out all your factories and take the jobs back to the US and see how that goes.

China is ahead not just in manufacturing. In all other major economic drivers such as Clean energy, Agricultural, Rail Roads both High speed and cargo, Ship building and many others.

US days as a Global Bully are over. Accept and move on

China does not depend on the US to pay their debts. They have all the blueprints for US tech which are worth mor than the debts that you are talking about. You adored iPhone is Made in China by a company called Foxxcon, they have every specification of every capacitor, IC and screws used on the iPhone same case with HP, Dell, Cisco. USA is compromised. One day China will shutdown US powerplants or unleash floods by abruptly draining your dams.

Who owns Foxxcon?

Terry Gou. A Taiwanese Billionaire = Chinese Billionare. Taiwan ni China

Some components of US fighter jets F35 have Chinese Origins.

U.S. And U.K. F-35 Jets Include 'Core' Circuit Boards From Chinese-Owned Company

China OWNS the USA and now mtakubali after Biden is sworn in, USA will be Totally be under Xi Jinping.

Biden will make peace with the Chinese and the trade will be skewed again in China’s favor. Americans will lose more jobs and China’s growth will get accelerated 10x

Nimeangalia items zote kwa keja ,everything is from china or assembled there,only my beer mug is from sataafrika:D:D:D:D:D is there anything made IN uncle sam besides guns,incest porn,steroid infused foods and ku klux klan bedsheets?

Maliza hizi ngaseer. :D:D eti incest porn! That is true Redneck Trademark:D:D:D

Ati Taiwan = China?

And you call yourself a political analyst?

Who owns Foxxcon? What is Foxxcon?

It all depends on what you want to hear. Americans say Taiwan is not part of China yet Its Official name is Republic of China (RoC), If it is not it should be called Republic of Taiwan



Taiwan and Hong Kong are mere Chinese Provinces get that into your naive head.

One china policy?


You do know that right now, China is trying hard to get their hands on U.S Dollars right? You ask yourself, why would China who is this powerful need U.S. Dollars? Its because every country they tried to invest in asked for their investment in U.S. Dollars. All the countries involved in their belt and road initiative projects asked for USD. Nobody wants to use the Chinese currency that’s one and Two, nobody wants to learn the Chinese language. If nobody wants to use your currency and or wants to speak your language you can never be a global superpower. China has no connection to the rest of the world outside of trade.

A Global Reset is on the way which means that ile system ya mnyama, the revived Roman Empire ndio itatawala. But who cares? The world is ending. You have to be willfully blind not to see the decay in Nature, disease, hunger, financial distress. Why would anyone want to live on this earth? It’s over guys, no more sijui US, China, EU superpower nonsense! Welcome to the New World Order.

  1. As long as many traders are looking eastwards for the importation of trade materials as well as the purchase of machinery etc, the yuan will be relevant, very relevant. Just walk into any Nairobi Bank and ask about the shift, you will be shocked. Language worked against Russia but it was also reclusive as a nation, not as adventurous as the chinese.

  2. There are so many chinese schools currently in Kenya and other parts in Africa. Very soon the chinese here will be speaking to us in mandarin, the way kikuyus do to other tribes. (as a consquence so many other makafira pple have learnt kikuyu)

Tell him that in Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana, there are schools teaching the Chinese language to grade 1 kids Secondly China gives scholarships to citizens from many of those countries to go study in China and learn Chinese. Slowly bit by bit China is colonizing the world. USA’s glory days are gone. South America has also been taken over by the Chinese. They will build a Naval Base in Chile soon and ship in missiles. San Francisco CA will be within easy reach.

lol you are crazy… Check your facts… India wont be 2nd biggest economy by 2028… Its already projected to overtake Japan by 2035 and will be top 3 alongside with China/U.S.A, but it will not overtake America, not yet for a while.

africa is busy watching …waiting to be raped again…