The saddest thing i have seen this month

I was at a private catholic run dispensary yesterday to check on a nurse who is my friend. As i was waiting for her on a bench where patients sit waiting to be attended to… I saw a man carrying a baby covered with a leso from head to toe.and fron the length of the baby i could guess the baby was 4 to 5 years old. Holding the baby he tried to convince his wife sitted near me on the bench that they go home. ‘She’s no more’ the man told his young wife.His wife was so shocked to answer anything.tears flowed fleely down her cheeks as an older woman whom i guess was the mother-in-law screamed and wailed her lungs out…
The two motorbikes riders who brought them to the dispensary were there to comfort them telling them to accept what had happened
The man holding the body was first to get on the motorbike and off it went followed by the second carrying the two ladies whom looked so exhausted and shocked to comprehend anything as of then.
Maybe they went dircetly home since on enquiring what was going on i was told that the baby was brought to the dispensary the day before yeaterday at 10Am. Since she was diarrhoeaing and was dehydrated she was referred to a the nearest level 4 hospital 20km away. The dispensary staff were shocked to see her being brought yesterday.already she had passed out so they only confirmed to them.
And on enquiring why she was not taken to the level 4 hospital for a drip and treatment the parent said they didnt have sad!!
Now the saddest thing i sawa yesterday wasnt the lack of money for a sick child but the fear that the affected and us community at large cant connect that to bad governance and corruption.
Theres is a govt dispensary next to the private dispensary we were.but nobody in his right senses go there.nobody will ask you what you want. You just sit at the bench ukichoka uende nyumbani but if you look keenly you will see them nurses at their servant quarters enjoying tax payers money…so heartless.and an ambulance which they use for personal errands.
Secndly wher is there no a level 4 hospital in this span of 20km.why cant the politician upgrade one of the dispensarys to a level 4 where someone can get a drip or whatever.
Was it worth to increase the number of Mcas Mps and senators or they could have improved healthcare first?
Why did the family lack even ksh.500 for motorbike transport to hospital when they were referred?is it that the Man is lazy? No! Kenya hakuna kazi.kazi iko china wher they manufacture for us even plasticks and toothpicks.and do you think the importers who are the politician will ever initiate laws encouraging local production.your guess is as good as mine
We are on our own


Nimeskia uchungu sana

Na si you run for MP and do those things you are saying.

Halafu naona umeandika dispensary, local health center, private, govt level 4 … ulikuwa gani exactly ?

You them say you were at a private facility. How can they afford the private facility and not the govt. Level 4. ?

Na,hapo ulikuwa,wako na ambulance lakini hawana drip??

The private dispensary has no ambulance .the govt dispensary have ambulance but no inpatient.but if they were at the govt hospital and assuming the hospital was operating as it should they could have taken her to the level 4 while adminstering the drip in the ambulance

Which govt. hospital is this that you are describing?

The private dispensary is a catholic run. Very cheap.its rather you pay ksh.200 than sit on a bench in a govt dispensary for the whole day


Hosi as big as Thika Level 4 bonobo zinalazwa mbili on one bed:D. Unalazwa na chizi mwenye usiku anaeza kugeuzia akuchunishe bana. :smiley:
Alafu there is total disregard for age. Unapata kamzee kamelazwa na kijana mwenye hajali anasukuma kamzee hata hakalali.


Kenya Today

There was a time I was at a village dental clinic, a guy was almost wailing hapo nje… nasty tooth ache. Lakini he had no money ya kuitoa. 100bob. Alirudi mtaani nayo. Felt so bad for him. Poverty ni mbaya meeen!

Hata huko naija healthcare is run by Catholics. 435 hospitals and clinics.

What is funny…?

Hungemtolea hio soo ama wewe ulikuwa fukara kumliko?

Most of us are used to seeing such desperate situations mpaka hatulii ama kuuzunika we laugh our asses off.

Unfortunately ni sisi mabonobo tuna elect these leaders. In 2022 that family that lost a baby wataelect the same leaders because ni mtu wao and the cycle continues.

Hapa umegonga ndipo. Most Kenyans are hopelessly unable to link variables and analyse them. that is why hata hapa ktalk we have people celebrating when Governor Sonko sends water bowsers to residential areas that have experienced dry taps for months and you see residents celebrating and vowing to vote him in for another term. The can’t see the irony of a governor distributing watr using bowsers.
Ile mbaya kabisa ni kupigia politician makofi akitoa mchango kwa harambee ya kujenga shule ama hospital.

Getting used to such situations doesn’t make it funny… if you see your sister in such a situation i dont think you will find it funny.

The moment the Policy makers watakuwa forced to use govt hospital instead of 10m Health insurance policy, hapo ndio maskini atapata Good Healthcare. If after an uproar ndio wametoa rule ya ujilipie quarantine, ndio unajua the guys don’t give a damn about the voters.