The Russians Are Coming

These guys are going to dominate the UFC for a long time to come. Just watched a middleweight called Aliaskhab Khizriev. He is going to be a problem. Imagine a big fat Khamzat Chimaev. I fear for our African Champions Izzy and Kamaru. Good thing everyone is ducking him. Naskia it has taken him 2 years to get his first fight. His friend decided to help out by offering to fight him. No one else will.
In the lower weights it’s hard to look past Islam Makhachev. I think Africa tutabaki tu na Ngannou.

Usman should get the Conor fight signed asap, give Colby a trilogy and retire.

Ukraine war tingz. Soon naona russians wakifurushwa UFC.


Conor kwisha
They Dana wants Izzy to upgrade so it it eill be a ll the house of Yoruba duel, but these guys wount though money can do wonders

First ama second coming?

Izzy is already in big trouble. They are fast tracking Pereira, Khamzat is also knocking on the door. Then there’s this Aliaskhab guy who just looks like bad news. Nikiona mtu ameshikanisha miguu za opponent how Khabib used to, najua damn, this guy is not bringing good news.
If Izzy is still champion 5 fights from now. Then he is definitely up there among the best to ever have done it. The Khabibs, the Anderson Silvas etc.

Very soon they’ll be banned. #slavaUkraini