The Royal Funeral - A livestream

Why would you watch such???

The music, pomp and color. All showcased beautifully in an elegant video production.

Can’t help but feel sad for the queen. Hope she pulls through this and enjoys her remaining years without scandal from her family.

Iko pare She N N

She is soon following him

Why should I waste bundles on this?

You feel sad for one of the richest, most privileged women in the world? Someone who’ll probably clock 100 years because she has access to the best of everything? Bonobos never cease to amaze.

Everybody including your self will suffer the same fate and that rightly soon

The reason i feel sorry for her is because she has lost her life partner and has got absolutely nothing to do with the privileges she enjoys

Bloody vampires can rot in hell

Fuckk him!! May he rot in hell akapatane na akina Kimathi and other freedom fighters they had killed.

And they finish him off.i was displeased wen the @administrator pins a thread on slave owners who still thinks we are inferior and monkeys. Death to all capitalistic vampires in the world