The rot in the corporate and public sector

You fire a qualified staff and employ your girlfriend who has no qualifications.
No wonder principled ladies nowadays have no choice but to give in to the demand


Some time around 2008 or there about this dude called Egerton university Kibwezi branch. I happened to attend just becouse there was a lady i was following. Well the place was in Botanic garden. Quite romantin place. Wale walikuwa Njoro you know. Indeed he came and gave a good educated speech. That time we thought he was a God send angel to replace the uneducated Kalembe Ndile. Many years later, i would say i would rather go for Kalembe than him. There isnt much he did for his constituents.

I was working a consulting job and I remember one time some secretary who was being chewed by one of the Managers wanted a promotion. She was incompetent to say the least.
The manager did his thing and she got the job. A week later, the Director did a reshuffle and the lady ended up reporting to the Manager who was chewing her. Guy was really frustrated.


Beta males are paying for pussy with jobs and promotions. Wanaume weak.

Hii ni kawaida tu…during my time after form four hizo 9 months nikitegea kujoin uni nilifixiwa kwa supermarket ya one of my relatives from my mom’s side…iko huko coast…was an eye opening experience…rumour has it about every female worker there jamaa the (employer)amepitia… thinking about opening my own…any lady working in private sector hana chake…you have to do what you got to do to get ahead…alafu ukipata mimba unafutwa mbio sana…