The Rot In Machakos County Was Astronomical Under Mutua. Listen To These Scandals

Billions were lost and the same was replicated all-over Kenya.

We need DEATH sentence in Kenya for economical crimes.

Npthing will be done.

There’s a difference between Cases and Convictions…this E- material should know once you have cases if you wanna do better ensure you get Convictions and recommendations give by the court to avoid such in future. Otherwise you’re just angry you were not part of the eating.

By cases she means identified instances…mutua should hang

pesa ya county ni ya kukula, ivo ndio wakenya waliamua kwa pamoja.

Kama watu walighula dam ya 22 billion and nothing happened, nothing surprises me any more. I just fear for our kids future. Maybe all responsible parents should also steal to secure their kids future ciz the future looks bleak.

Anatupia Caro Noma…yeye mwenyewe atafanya mini?

If you hear and see the rot in Wajir,Mandera,my home Turkana,Samburu and Mandera then you will understand why China hangs corrupt official’s at the slightest suspicion and with very short military pleadings.
Our nation’s founder’s planted a seed which we shall never succeed uprooting in our lifetime.

These regions have received so much in funding over the years with little to show for it aside from Ultra Wealthy Politicians…

And each year people are dying of hunger…

Hio ni ushuru wanaksanba kama asali…only corruption got devolved…if counties cannot fund their own operations…they are not viable…Central gover should only partner in specific projects…

You will not hear such stories from areas where deep hypocrisy is extolled as a great community virtue!

Wake me up when they are actually charged in a court of law.

And who elects these people if not you? Kenyans are corrupt

Amen. Nail on the head. We are a very rotten society.

We get the Leaders we deserve…

Central govt cannot fund its own operations also. We dont have a government