The root cause of ubonobo finally revealed - psychopathy (brutal red pill)

High IQ ktalkers kaa @Sambamba, @Aka mpole, @Brayo44ki please help me bros. This legit has me feeling sad & depressed.

Hio ya inability to plan ahead sio wrong sana. Kuna fala mwingine anajitetea akisema how can Nyeuthi have no ability to plan ahead na yeye mwenyewe amepangia hadi watoto wake etc etc. Ati its not about an individuals ability to plan ahead, its about the whole populations ability to plan ahead and progress the whole population.

IQ has nothing to do with race usisumbuke bure ,infact he pronounces white as hywite so he’s just another kkk supremacist

Interesting that you’ve tagged me on this because earlier in the day I was reading the Buffalo killer’s 180 page manifesto na inaguzia hizi vitu zote.smh

The manifesto is extremely detailed that I doubt an 18 year old wrote it. Kwanza leo nimejifunza about the alleles that Europeans have that Africans don’t. But kwa hiyo assertion yake about Blacks, I would say 40% is incorrect and 60% is correct, e.g he quotes that “Africans” rape goats to avoid catching STI, his source being some obscure US govt research. I am sure that stuff is from West Africa, sasa an East African like me catches some strays, then he mentions that 80% of all Blacks are likely to be violent, which is outright wrong and he gave no data to back his assertion up. Tukiingia weapons section, it was extremely detailed hadi I had to skip it. Overally, that manifesto wasn’t written by that guy. It was written by a covert professor.

I’d say it’s about that time to look for the picture depicting an array of animals amongst them a monkey, to be tested by their ability to climb a tree.

I have listened to the whole video and this has to be the most amateur guy to ever discuss race and intelligence. Most of his points are amateurish and can be successful refuted. Like most of his fellow whites, they can barely defend their points. Only a Chinese guy has ever challenged me on this topic and won (He was born in the US in California and he is at Berkeley pursuing a double major in Computer Engineering and Cybersecurity, his skills are quite impeccable and his command of various topics is actually nice for a guy like him). Most whites just use this topic to be racist in disguise, they are rather uninformed. To close this off, I would quote @Sambamba “accept that you were born in a period that you couldn’t do much to help your own race”

@Stormtrooper98, @Antonio Mascaro na @King Robert Baratheon toeni maoni hapa wadau

On second thought again, these crackers are also part of our miseries.

@patco aka @Aka mpole , rusha ka matusi banae kijiji ichangamuke

Mimi si patco banae. Patco ako Seattle anangoja hot summer gworl

Mostly conjecture and confirmation bias. A decent debater would make this guy fold like a cheap suit. @Akon City II you’re really in the deep end if you stumble upon, search for or get recommended this kind of content.

:D:D:D:D:D I couldnt go past 1 minute. This guy is a regular racist with a youtube channel. Statistically, in the US to be precise, whites engage in the weirdest non-conventional behaviour activity. American media will take a century or two to push neutral content. I mean, he prefaces the argument with excerpts from American media news posts. I mean, even CNN and BBC cant trusted to be objective, what about the nondescript publications he cites ?

If being psycopathic means shooting up a church of people praying (for a feeling), Killing millions of Jews (for a belief), Murdering hundreds of thousands of middle easteners (for oil), stealing swathes of lands accross the world from indigineous peoples (because you can), then blacks are light years behind whites in being psycopathic.

Most of his arguments are amateurish and so washed up. He is just pushing a stupid narrative.