The role of Dennis ITUMBI

How much does he pocket from RUT0? HOW DOES HE GET VITAL INFO?

I beleive Itumbi is a dangerous animal. He has the capabilities of burning this country again through social media.


Both him and alai

How did he end up in State House?
What had Bensouda accused him of?
Why did Uhuru have to buy Also out including the title HSC?

iko kitu alai anajua

alai ni worst.

Itumbi is a clever opportunist, he knows where its ripe to milk. First uhuru, now ruto then…One lucky son of a bitch
I know him from his high school days, he used to stay in a school near my home where the mum was the principal.

Hakuna conspiracy hapa. Jamaa aseme alilewa akasahau kuzima jiko.

He is a threat to national security.

From your posts its quite easy to deduce the roles these characters you mention play…to keep us chasing our tails…and damn…its working like a charm.
I tip my hat off to the elite…all you need to keep 52 million strong in check is smoke and mirrors + varying doses of soft force and violence.
Saa enyewe keja ya mseh ikiungua…ama wacha tu.

What is the genesis of all this…what did they do…pls tell us

ni speculation tu
alipewa hsc in exchange akanyagie kitu flani, but sijui ninini

What is he doing in kiambaa? Is he a voter there?


An opportunist that I think knows too much.

Yep. He started during NARC days . Milking “youth” money from political partes. Him and his younger brothers . Just like lootall started with the Kanu youth thing , maybe they’re following his script .
There’s a lot of money that’s dished around come campaign season for crowd-pulling stunts be it DJ’s , influencing via social media, printing and disseminating propaganda etc. That’s their forte, under umbrellas with shady names like Jubilee youth leagues , vijana na ruto etc … At least these kind gets retained by politicians (for their brains) as errand boys after elections compared to goons/gangs who are disposed like tissue paper.
Ni biashara.

Mjamaa umejidoxx kabisa hii hata doesnt need csi kujua wewe ni nani…:D:D:D:D

Are u sure?Unmask me then

Sina haja msee…do your thing…

Swafi buda, the reason many poeple here are so worried about their anonymity is because they lead a fake lifestyle. What they post here is the opposite of their life. Am real to everything so i wudnt mind if anyone knew me, ata msee akinikosea namuendea live live ama nikitumana nasema aambiwe ni mimi nimetumana. Hapana pembeleza nyangá’u yoyote mimi

he is a nobody best thing to do is find a way to hack his twitter account and destroy it ama twitter wamzime

Luto has people in the system who are loyal to him. This guy is just their mouthpiece.