The rise of far right parties in the west

The rise of far right parties in the west is the best thing that will happen to Africa, the globlalist leftist who put on a mask as our friends have been destabilizing our continent for centuries now. Just look at Donald Trump, i love him for the reason he doesn’t get involved in african politics and lets us do our things, he called our countries shitholes and leaves us alone instead of the french liberals who have been looting its colonies and destabilizing them for centuries which have made the french colonies remain as poor as during independence except for ivory coast. In EU election the french far right party ‘‘National Rally’’ just got most of the votes and they are non globalist and were actually opposed of France getting involved in the Ivorian coup 2010 and Lybia coup 2011.

The globalists are a threat to Africa, and these far right parties will stop migration to europe which will inturn make the people in the french colonies start demanding changes in their colonies and hopefully dismantle the french control in those colonies. Also i don’t oppose discrimination being shown against africans in France or europe, they need to realise that returning home to build their own countries is the only way, they were supposed to go there to study and return to help make their countries better.

Wacha vijana watembee dunia. Nigerians and west African are literally taking over underground activity in western world. They next move up the ladder of civilization and control high table deals while you sleep in village and expect Chinese and Western NGO to come and rescue.

Chinese and Indian and lately Arab are doing well so far in west. Dominating tech and science while sending technology home.

Meanwhile Kenya keep sign memorandum to send househelp and nurses to rich countries to earn more dollars.

You are praising brain drain from Nigeria. In U.S you have 20k Nigerian doctors while in nigeria the people cant find doctors, the same in U.K. Because of Nigeria being a failed state educated people can’t work there so they move abroad, and the country remains poor while those Nigerians makes their new countries richer. Do you know who are filling those spots of those educated nigerians and africans moving abroad? Poor whites, arabs and asians coming to africa to seek gold, they start companies and our government gives them more priviliges because of their foreign skin and they then get a hold of our natural resources, all while our educated africans are busy making european/western countries richer. These arabs, asians and jungus will send their earnings back home after.

i have said before we the far right leaders will soon be taking over Kenya , our plans

  1. All somalis must leave kenya .
  2. Islam will be banned
  3. All indians whose lineage date to after 1700 AD will be vetted and given an annual renewable license.
  4. Any indian with any blood connection to an indian ( from Delphis bank , Patni , somaia , Devani , the solai murderer , the Trinitron thief , Sumra , Shakeel Shabir hata pio gama pinto ) looter will be deported .
  5. other religions (except Judaism) to be vetted by a christian panel before getting a license .

Are you my friend,my neighbour or my enemy who are you.
Am happy you’ve toned down on gay talk

:D:D:D:D:Dati license?? So to be an Indian in Kenya lazima upewe license? I kif up

You think junguz are stupid?