The rise and rise of New Kalenjin king

His jubilant welcome in Eldoret is just a reason Arap Mwizi should not sleep. RWNBP kweli.

I feel sorry for my friend Alfred Keter, immediate former MP Nandi Hills. The sages of Guinea say “A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles” You once told me, “the same mouth you use to get fame & praise, is the same one you use to cry/curse!”

Own goal

Rift valley imploading

Exactly what Arap Mashamba did to Raila. Naona ikimrudia. Time will tell

That man is a thief na atamalizwa tu pole pole. This is just posturing, bado kuna time. Hawezi Fanya hivi kila siku.

Which thief are you talking about,the cbk thief or the women and children-burning-in a church, school ground grabbing thief

The children in a church is Jakuon’s long time bosom buddy whose release he demanded over the matter, if in doubt, there are photos of the duo, and you can also hear him talk about how he ordered that the incident take place.

hawa sages ndio uncles wa GUINEA PIG ama ?

They look close to moles and rats

And are eaten

Sasa watu wanaongea juu ya baba abby arap singh mashamba nawewe ushaingiza jakuon.Toast tu!

Did you guys see NASA’s welcome in Eld? How about NASA’s welcome in MERU?

Did you see guys see NASA’s vote in ELD? How about NASA’s votes in MERU?

how do you hear from photos? leta proof.

Ndio, kwa sababu ako na uhisiano.

Obviously you can only hear from audio. As per your demand…

Taken moments after Jakuon personally went to have him released after his arrest for what happened at the church

Raila also addressed the issue of youths who were allegedly arrested after the post-election violence saying all those arrested in connection with the violence were later released after he sought Cabinet’s intervention.
All those who were arrested including Kibor (Jackson) were released and I personally travelled from Nairobi to Nakuru after he was arrested,” Raila added. Raila apologises to Kalenjin community - The Standard

The name of senior politician Jackson Kibor was also dragged into the proceedings with the witness describing him among the wealthiest people in the Rift Valley. The witness told the court that Kibor was in the same league as former Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott in terms of wealth and influence in the Rift Valley. Kibor is reported to have been supporting Odinga’s candidacy and that he started pushing for Ruto’s election as Eldoret North MP when Ruto said he supported the former Prime Minister. “Kibor and others were first to join the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and it was Kibor who was selling the ODM policies before the Kalenjin started following them,” noted the witness who also said that the Kalenjin adored Kibor.
Ruto 'was forced to back Raila' in 2007 » Capital News